A podcast put on by the staff and kids with the Chippewa Valley Boys and Girls Club

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Michael Lee, the Director of the Mary Markquart Center in Eau Claire, is being interviewed by special guest, Lily. Get to know Mike a little more from this episode, as to what his career entails, along with some of the more fun questions that kids get creative with! Find out about some of the fun events the Boys and Girls Club have coming soon!

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Mollie, the director of the Chippewa Falls location, talks with Riley, one of the kids who comes to the center. Riley steps inside Mollie’s office to ask her a number of great questions from a kid’s perspective.

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Angela and Xenia from the Chippewa Valley Boys and Girls club stop by the Menomonie location to talk with a pair of kids about some of the programs.

Elizabeth is a fourth grader Wakanda Elementary in Menomonie. She talks to us about summer camp, which has registration open right now. She talks to Xenia about what is involved in the program.

Bethany is a fifth grader at Oaklawn Elementary in Menomonie. She tells us all about the “Youth of the Year Gala Event” coming up in April. Bethany is the 2022 Junior Youth of the Year.

Episode #1  Click Here to Listen

Does Chippewa Valley Boys & Girls Club CEO Ann Kaier dye her hair?  We get that, and many other, honest answers as she sits down for an adorable interview with 2nd grader Mabel

Mabel, an Eau Claire second-grader and part of the kid community at the Eau Claire Boys and Girls


Club interviews the CEO Ann Kaiser. Thanks to Mabel’s questioning we learn:


How the Boys and Girls Club came to be in the Chippewa Valley


How many in total exist


Teenagers get to stay later, but kids Mabel’s age not as long (she wishes she could stay later)


Youth of the Year Gala Event in April and Lemonade Day in August


Why people think the kids at the program are “bad”. The reality is, the program is for EVERYONE


How do people get on the board of directors.

Why the Boys and Girls Club is at a former church

Does Ann dye her hair or does she have any tattoos? Yes, those were asked and ANSWERED!