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Presented by The Growler Guys in Eau Claire, this podcast highlights the business community in the Chippewa Valley with stories of local entrepreneurs.  All while enjoying one of the many beverages available at The Growler Guys.

John Bender, Local Food Entrepreneur  Click Here to Listen

Scott and Greg are John Bender, a local chef with an extensive resume that includes time as an executive chef at a relatively young age.  He currently hosts a number of cooking classes at and assists with various local establishments. He has turned eclectic passion for culinary work into a number of jobs that combine together into a fulfilling career.

See him for yourself at Forage and the Eau Claire Farmer’s Market.


Captain Coops  Click Here to Listen 


Scott and Greg are joined by Kris Cooper (“Coop”), former local radio personality and currently the CEO of his own business.  He tells us what he has been up to, which is plenty. 


This includes operating “Captain Coops” which he founded and has grown over the last few years.


Why is it he has jumped head first into the “beard lifestyle” and how he has developed a business around it. Eventually adding CBD products and more.


Chippewa Valley Museum  Click Here to Listen

Scott and Greg are joined by Carrie and Dustyn from the Chippewa Valley Museum. They discuss the museum, its recent growth and what people may overlook when thinking of the museum, including that they have over 23k different artifacts.

Country Jam  Click Here to Listen


Scott and Greg sit down with Kathy Wright, the general manager of Country Jam as she gives us the inside scoop on the new jam grounds under construction, the 2023 line-up and the overall operation of one of the area’s biggest annual parties.

The group enjoys beverages from Point Brewing,  Cider Boys, Wellworks

Rock and Tait   Click Here to Listen

Scott and Greg sit down with George Tait, one of the the owners of Rock and Tait to discuss how he came to start a construction company, his philosophy on management and running a small business in the Chippewa Valley.

The group enjoys beverages from Bloomer Brewing, Titletown and Three Sheets.


Ramones Old Fashioned Ice Cream Shoppe  Click Here to Listen


Scott sits down with Blayne Midthun the owner of Ramones Ice Cream to discuss how he and his wife came to start up the popular downtown ice cream location. The unique model that merges a "non-profit" mentality into a "for-profit" business.  How coming into the business world during the recession of '08 and navigating through Covid has been the "battle tests" for this entrepreneur generation.  Managing time for family and much more.

emBark Dog Day Care & Training  Click Here to Listen

Scott and Greg sit down with Heather Mishefske the owner of emBark to discuss how she started the area’s preeminent dog day care, dog grooming and dog behavior business. She tells us about a business that has been an institution in the region for almost 20 years and how she got into it. How a love and passion for animals turned into a career.

The group enjoys beverages from Lift Bridge, Hop & Barrell and Drekker while taking part in the conversation

Valley Sports Academy   Click Here to Listen

Pull up a chair and enjoy a beverage with us.  Scott and Greg drink with Chase from the all-new Valley Sports Academy.  They discuss their beverage selections while we also learn more about the new VSA operation in Lake Hallie.  Why was it built, what the future goals are and Chase drops a VERY BIG bit of news as to what is planned in terms of the future for VSA.

Scott:  Bloomer Beer Selection

Greg:  608 Brewing Selection

Chase:  Lift Bridge Selection

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