Cancun Mexican Restaurant

As places come and go, there are always benchmark staples for a community and in the Chippewa Valley Cancun Mexican Restaurant fits that.  With multiple locations, the establishment serves up a reliable lunch or dinner from the food itself to the service. Straight-forward and simple but with a new location among it's establishments, a little modernity. 


​Visited:  12/15/2021

Ordered: Choose 2, with Tamale and Chicken Chimichanga


Price:   $30 for two


Entrée’:  Honestly, the Hungry Italian hadn't been much of a southwestern/Mexican cuisine until the last decade if for nothing else, he was exposed to it more and found out he liked it.  Though, it someone enjoys tacos that is usually the gateway in.  Tacos turn into burritos (sometimes late-night burritos) and then into other options and the palate expands as the core is usually the same.  Tortilla, meats, cheeses, lettuce for decoration and a sauce and/or salsa.

Cancun has a few options in the area, but the flagship is no doubt the new  building on Hastings Way, just behind the previous location which had been a retrofitted former Hardees.  This sleak, modern building is a significant upgrade and provides an urban dining touch not scene much in this area (The District and Cowboy Jacks are two other examples). A dark wall interior still feels bright with a few televisions, the way the light fixtures are arranged and a wide open seating pattern set up in a rectangle form. 

The one novelty to this place are the automatic doors that lead into a foyer.  The point of these seems mute though as to enter the actual restaurant, one must pry open thick wood doors.  In the end, the automatic doors - which modern - give the place a bit of a "cheap" feel but that is the only negative.

Service here has always been, and remains, quick.  A dining experience can be as short as 15-20 minutes if one wants, but loitering around for an hour is perfectly fine too.

On this visit, the Hungry Italian built his own meal choosing a chicken chimichanga and a tamale.  While waiting, fresh chips and salsa passed the time and of course were very good.

The meal itself was delicious.  The tamale (one of those things that's difficult to make on one's own) is extremely dense and filling.  If one always complains that Mexican food doesn't fill them up, order a tamale because that'll do it.  There is a slight kick of spice to the tamale but it's not hot.

The chimichanga was loaded with chicken meat, with a slightly crunchy texture to the fried tortilla which provides a great contrast.  Very flavorful.

Second Helping?  Definitely!  This place never disappoints.

Final Score:  5 out of 5 cheese curds