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The Candy Store

The sweetest podcast in the Chippewa Valley, presented by Ifs & Buts Candy Store in Downtown Eau Claire

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New episodes drop every other Monday morning


Greg wraps up his first season of the podcast by chatting with host Sidney about his store, what he has learned over the last year owning "Ifs and Buts" in downtown Eau Claire and much more.

- Main priority is giving back to the community and helping out local charities to benefit the lives of kids and families

- Discussion of the previous guests Greg has had and how fun it was to have charities like Big Brothers and Big Sisters on his podcast

- Discussion of how many of their chocolates and candies are from countries in Europe which gives the shop a different taste of treats! Such as their Canadian Sodas Pop Shoppe.

- Dove into the different flavors the shop has to offer along with how candies have changed throughout generations.

- How Tik Tok has changed the idea of candy to youth, it is more about the reaction as opposed to being a sweet treat



Michael from Collective Choir joins the program to talk about using hip-hop and pop music in helping to spread a religious message in the area. He dives into the program they have for teenagers. Everyone is invited to be involved both with music (it’s non-audition) or behind the scenes.

And don’t miss the beginning of the program as Greg talks about some of the unique candies they have, including some very exotic suckers with grasshoppers, ants and event scorpions that have proven to be VERY popular in the Chippewa Valley.



Mike from Helping Hands is the guest.  

This is an organization that assists some 4,500 families in the area and Mike gives an honest, impassioned plea for help from you and the community.


EPISODE #7 - Meet the Chippewa Valley Youth Symphony  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

The Chippewa Valley Youth Symphony is celebrating it's 40th season and president Rebecca Anderson stops by Ifs and Buts Candy in Downtown Eau Claire to tell us all about this organization.  We also meet some of the youths involved, and of course there is plenty of candy sampling.

What is the youth symphony, which is celebrating its 40thanniversary


How do kids get involved and what do they get from it.


Balancing the symphony with other extracurriculars and school work


Their highlight events on their annual calendars (many are free)


We try a number of candies, including a locally made “picaro bar” and “vegan chocolate”


EPISODE #6 - Meet the Boys & Girls Club  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

MarLee Johnson from the Boys and Girls Club of the Chippewa Valley stops by to update us on holiday programs, what the organization continues to do and to of course sample lots of candy laid out by Greg.


EPISODE #5 - Meet the United Way   CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Greg welcomes into the shop, Andy Neborak, the executive director of the United Way of the Greater Chippewa Valley. We get a refresher as to what the United Way stands for, and more specifically, what the organization has been focusing on recently in our area.

Then the fun really begins, as Greg and Andy discuss candy and chocolate...including memories of a special chocolate bar Andy remembers from a long ago trip to London that Greg HAS IN STOCK right here in Eau Claire.


EPISODE #4 - 4-H Club

Lilly and Skylar from the Pleasant Hill 4-H Club are the guests and they tell us all about what 4-H does.  We also sample the candy buffet as always




EPISODE #3 - Meet Big Brothers & Big Sisters

Marketing Director Drew, along with Big/Little combo Vergene and Colby discuss the Big Brothers Big Sisters program.  They also try a candy buffet laid out by Greg and tell us what they like.



EPISODE #2 - Meet Tandem Mentorship

We're joined by members of Tandem Mentorship, who tell us about what they do while Greg brings out samples of various candies and sodas for them to try.



EPISODE #1 - Eau Claire's Candy Store

We meet Greg, the owner of Ifs & Buts Candy Store in downtown Eau Claire on the debut of this new podcast series.  How did he and his wife come to starting a candy shop and why pick downtown?  His favorite types of candy and we also sample a 'craft soda' off his shelf.


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