CHIP CHAT with Chip Magnet Salsa

ECHM, in cooperation with Chip Magnet Salsa, are highlighting the small business operators and entrepreneurs in the Chippewa Valley. We'll hear their stories, get their tips and advice and dig into the many hidden treasures and successful narratives our area has.



Talking with a local gym operator

Sampling salsa all day means you need to burn it off, and Jim works out at Gold's Gym.  He sits down with the general manager Kyle to learn more about this locally-owned fitness facility and the amenities they provide to more than 4,500 members in the area.

What makes them unique,  their best kept secrets, their most popular classes and what's this about a 'saline' pool?



Local Musician and Hemp Farmer Brian Bethke

A well-known name throughout the area for his music, Brian Bethke joins Jim to discuss his latest venture...HEMP FARMING! Along the way we learn the science and numbers behind the industry.  How he got started in this and what he sees the future as.




EPISODE w/ a local 'serial entrepreneur

Jim sits down to talk with "serial entrepreneur" Jason Boehm.  Jason has been involved in a number of local projects over the years from running a popular Mall Food Court eatery, to landscaping to even producing movies filmed in the Chippewa Valley.

Among topics and lessons discussed...

- If you don't know failure, then you don't know success

- How failure allows him to learn and a willingness to keep trying new things

- Plus, he tells us how he was part of a local movie that was shot entirely on...A PHONE ?!?!


EPISODE w/ Joanne from Za51

Joanne Palzkill from Za51 and Draganetti's joins the Chip Magnet Salsa gang for a fun conversation. 

- Find out why she had to PROTECT THE LIQOUR during the construction of the 53-bypass near Draganettis!

-The creation of Za51 and it's continued evolution

- What is the future of Draganetti's...it's not over and she explains

- What are the very real pros and the cons for local restaurants using delivery services such as DoorDash


EPISODE w/ Bob Adrian from Rump's

Rump's in Altoona has developed a cult-like following and devoted customer base that continues to grow.  Bob is the guest on this episode of Chip Chat as we look into the development of this Chippewa Valley small business.

- Why he started and how a conversation at a bar turned into a meat market

- The help and support he received from other area meat shops as opposed to getting competition

- How COVID and early supply chain issues nationally, drove new customers to his shop

- What are the best sellers in the area

- What challenges did he face when he was starting and dealing with self-doubt along the way

- Thoughts on future expansion



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Episode w/ Alexis & Jim from Chip Magnet Salsa


The podcast made by local small business owners for small business owners makes it's debut.  We start off by diving right into Chip Magnet Salsa and learn more how this business went from a personal kitchen to a multi-state distribution.

- How Chip Magnet was started

- Turning your home passion into a business

- Identifying your "support" team

- Learning as you go

- Learning about various insurances and regulations

- Being humble

- Benefits and challenges of working with family.

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