Cooking in the Kitchen with Chip Magnet Salsa

ECHM, in cooperation with Chip Magnet Salsa, are highlighting the small business operators and entrepreneurs in the Chippewa Valley. We'll hear their stories, get their tips and advice and dig into the many hidden treasures and successful narratives our area has.



Michele, a long time local food entrepreneur and current co-owner of LunchBox EC discusses starting an entirely new business just as COVID-19 was starting.  She explains the business model, how her background as a chef at a multitude of locales prepared her and what her food "white whale" is.

- What is LunchBox EC and how it started

- Why is she known for her soups?

- What is her food "white whale".  The next dish she wants to master.

- Marketing your business.  What works and what doesn't.

- Taking negative feedback

- Handling financials

- Using salsa...real tips from a real chef.


Episode 3

Nick White from Chippewa Valley Tours steps "In the Kitchen" discussing this unique local operation.  This is a locally-run operation that gives historic and food tours around downtown Eau Claire and Chippewa Falls. Not only do we discuss this concept but running and operating your own business...especially when you already have another full-time job.

1) What started Chippewa Valley Tours?

2) How big are the groups that take the tours?

3) Revising the business plan down to the finished product,

4) How has COVID impacted their business

5) Running a business while also holding down another full-time job

6) Getting the "meat platter" at The Informalist!

7) Advice for anyone looking to turn their hobby into a business

8) Using "side-hustling" to your benefit.

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Episode 2


The Chip Magnet gang talks with fellow local small business owner Dan Beck of Midwest Meals.  We learn how Midwest Meals went from concept to being on at the early stages of franchising and unlimited potential. This is a company that has blossomed from a handful of meals prepared a week to thousands!

-  How a brief time living, skateboarding and working out in California influenced Dan

-  Developing a supply chain and working with other local businesses

-  Matching his processes to match the local market

-  The process that goes into their meal prep.

-  Trying to grow into a national brand, and how he got connected to the guy behind          Panera Bread's franchise growth.

-   Finding that "support structure" such as former professors, business groups, etc.

-   Utilizing the fear of failure.



Boxx Sanitation

Episode 1


The podcast made by local small business owners for small business owners makes it's debut.  We start off by diving right into Chip Magnet Salsa and learn more how this business went from a personal kitchen to a multi-state distribution.

- How Chip Magnet was started

- Turning your home passion into a business

- Identifying your "support" team

- Learning as you go

- Learning about various insurances and regulations

- Being humble

- Benefits and challenges of working with family.

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