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DINING DATE   Monday October 5th

MEAL TIME     Coffee Break Time



Ordered   Large Dark Roast



One of the small steps towards “normalizing” for the Hungry Italian has been going back to doing work at a coffee shop. With the Hungry Italian’s “pre-Covid” spot still not allowing people inside, the exploration for another spot timidly began before landing on The Coffee Grounds by accident. So the Hunrgy Italian is likely to now make this the spot to “look important” by typing away at a computer around others.

The Coffee Grounds is unlike most coffee shops locally in that it doesn’t feel like one.  There is coffee and some tables but a differing atmosphere.  A collection of kitchen tools and knick knacks for sale greet a customer and the whole place feels more like a budget Williams Sonoma serving coffee than a spot to sit-down.

However, this place doesn’t hurt for traffic and there is a reason. Despite the initial misgivings , the unorthodox feel grows on a customer.  The uncomfortable becomes the comforting.

Customers wear masks while ordering and then sit down at well distanced tables.  Plenty of floor space here is a great plus for this joint as they can really spread out.

As for the coffee itself, it was good.  Coffee is much like the plumbing of your toilet.  You only truly “taste” it when something bad happens to it.  This large cup went down good.

The only drawback being they have a $5 minimum for credit card purchases.  There are reasons for these but typically A) Coffee shops don’t punish customers who don’t bring cash because fewer do now   B) “Minimums” comes across as unseemly for a business.

In the end, honestly, the most difficult part of visiting The Coffee Grounds is fighting the elephant in your head that is trying to push you towards getting one of the scrumptious looking baked goods or chocolates at the ordering station.  This is a place that serves food…legit food…so one can definitely come here for more than a coffee and free internet.


Until the Hungry Italian’s previous spot re-opens (if it does), The Coffee Grounds will get the business.

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