The "Concert Venue" is an all-new podcast dedicated to the Chippewa Valley music scene, hosted by local musicians.


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Ben Peterson is a local drummer, born and raised in Eau Claire with 20 years of playing experience under
his belt. He came up through the Eau Claire public school system and participated in concert band,
marching band, jazz band, orchestra, show choir, and youth symphony as a young student at Eau Claire


He went on to play three years in the Blugold Marching Band before expanding to studio
sessions and work with several local bands.


A former student of UW-Eau Claire Associate Professor of Music (Emeritus) Ron Keezer and UW-Eau Claire Professor of Music Jeff Crowell, Peterson has performed in recent years with Orenda Fugue,
We’re Wolves, Caitlin McGarvey, Mars, Fathom, and Bri Murphy, among others.

Peterson is currently active with Orenda Fugue, an Eau Claire based progressive rock band that has
recently shared the stage with Puddle of Mudd, Sick Puppies, Devour the Day, Wayland, and Eve 6.


This episode features a conversation with the band Dissonant Mind.  Among topics covered...

 -  How the band is getting out there in 2020
-   Distributing digitally-only as opposed to having CDs
-   Use of odd time signatures and how they construct songs
-   Their influences
-    How the band started and playing in out of place venues at the beginning for gigs.



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This episode features a conversation with Cait McGarvey.  Among topics covered...

- Listen to a special unreleased track "Freetide"

- What she has been doing to stay active during the pandemic

- Being a musician and finding your "identity" when you move to a new area.

- The ways moving to new areas shapes the way her music sounds

- How she performs and lives for that "Oh" moment

- Staying Independent

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Alexander Vang has spent nearly two decades living in Eau Claire.  Alex grew up in various US locales within the western half of the United States including residing in California, Nevada, and Minnesota before being firmly implanted in Eau Claire, Wisconsin for his academic career and beyond.  It was here in Wisconsin that Alex would discover and foster his passion for singing and music performance.

Alex graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire with a Bachelor’s in Biology and the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a Masters in Biotechnology. 

Alex has performed in the region for just over a decade while immersing himself in the dynamic and evolving music culture of Wisconsin.  He has played in various outfits including The Blue Room, Orenda Fugue, Caitlin McGarvey, Bri Murphy, and Ghosts of the Sun.  Alex is currently active with Orenda Fugue and Ghosts of the Sun.


This episode features a conversation with the owner of the local venue Hunky Dory.  Among topics covered...

- We learn about this home-based venue that operates locally.

- The "owner" Dave walks us through how the venue started.

- The story of squeezing a five-piece bluegrass band into their venue for their first anniversary and other interesting bookings

- The importance of reimbursing the artists, including putting them up at their home for the night!

- What they're doing through the pandemic.




West Wisconsin Play by Play, LLC

2010 Hatch Street

Eau Claire, WI  54701