The "Concert Venue" is an all-new podcast dedicated to the Chippewa Valley music scene, hosted by local musicians.  This is the place to come to hear from those who make Eau Claire Music go.


                                                           YOUR HOSTS

Ben Peterson is a local drummer, born and raised in Eau Claire with 20 years of playing experience under
his belt. He came up through the Eau Claire public school system and participated in concert band,
marching band, jazz band, orchestra, show choir, and youth symphony as a young student at Eau Claire


He went on to play three years in the Blugold Marching Band before expanding to studio
sessions and work with several local bands.


A former student of UW-Eau Claire Associate Professor of Music (Emeritus) Ron Keezer and UW-Eau Claire Professor of Music Jeff Crowell, Peterson has performed in recent years with Orenda Fugue,
We’re Wolves, Caitlin McGarvey, Mars, Fathom, and Bri Murphy, among others.

Peterson is currently active with Orenda Fugue, an Eau Claire based progressive rock band that has
recently shared the stage with Puddle of Mudd, Sick Puppies, Devour the Day, Wayland, and Eve 6.


Our guys chat with rising hip hop artist TeawhYB.  You've been hearing this guy and his sound more and more now lets learn more.  His hip-hop breaks the stereotypical assumptions, not just for this area but as a whole.

Topics Discussed Include:

- What brought him to Eau Claire

- What influences his sound

- How his message in his music is unique to the area and upbeat, while tackling serious issues

- How he pivoted from the "cliche" hip hop sound to something deeper.

- His anti-bullying message

- He talks about using the new "Loom" platform to get his music out.



 EPISODE  #12  with Morgan Music

Alex and Ben are back, this time talking with Tal Morgan of Morgan Music, a local staple among entertainers.  They discuss the evolution of the business and how it very easily could've been a nightclub and not a music store! Tal tells this story.

Is the "death of guitar" real or a myth?  Does that trend exist in Eau Claire?

What has become very popular in the last couple of years? Are we seeing a re-birth of true "bands" again?



 EPISODE  #13 with Westkorea

Local hip hop artist Luke Larson (aka: Westkorea)  joins the program to discuss his music and career.

- Listen to one of his newest tracks "Release" off the EP "Crashing"

- What instrument did he play in high school (and still plays) that may surprise you.

- The group discusses the process behind "Crashing" and how a major computer issue nearly derailed everything for him

-  An honest discussion of how his career and college education mixed and didn't mix at times

- "Sampling"

- How his music has been coming out from the underground and he is getting more attention locally 



 EPISODE  w/ Hunky Dory

This episode features a conversation with the owner of the local venue Hunky Dory.  Among topics covered...

- We learn about this home-based venue that operates locally.

- The "owner" Dave walks us through how the venue started.

- The story of squeezing a five-piece bluegrass band into their venue for their first anniversary and other interesting bookings

- The importance of reimbursing the artists, including putting them up at their home for the night!

- What they're doing through the pandemic.




Alexander Vang has spent nearly two decades living in Eau Claire.  Alex grew up in various US locales within the western half of the United States including residing in California, Nevada, and Minnesota before being firmly implanted in Eau Claire, Wisconsin for his academic career and beyond.  It was here in Wisconsin that Alex would discover and foster his passion for singing and music performance.

Alex graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire with a Bachelor’s in Biology and the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a Masters in Biotechnology. 

Alex has performed in the region for just over a decade while immersing himself in the dynamic and evolving music culture of Wisconsin.  He has played in various outfits including The Blue Room, Orenda Fugue, Caitlin McGarvey, Bri Murphy, and Ghosts of the Sun.  Alex is currently active with Orenda Fugue and Ghosts of the Sun.

EPISODE #15 with Alex Thoms


The musically diverse and versatile Adam Thoms is the guest on this episode and is on the program to discuss the importance of being exposed to a variety of instruments and disciplines. Adam is all over the local music scene both as a performer but also as a popular instructor.

Ben and Alex discuss how trying a variety of instruments and being exposed to different music genres has influenced their overall music.


They also play a clip from Adam's new song "Keep it Breathing"


- Adam describes his musical upbringing in Eau Claire, from coming through the various band programs in the school system to playing the coffeeshop scene.

- How one of his goals was achieved by playing at Eau Claire Jazz Fest.

- Why he dives into so many different music projects and learning so many genres

- It's not a real tour unless you go to...Texas?!?!  Find out why this comes up.  And using a flip phone to book gigs.

- His future planned projects including a live stream coming up.


EPISODE  #14  with Alex and Ben

Alex and Ben look back on how the events of 2020 impacted the local music scene.  They discuss how this podcast has developed, how they adjusted at the start of the pandemic and the opportunity to talk to local musicians.  They even preview what they hope to do as the podcast continues into 2021.


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