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DINING DATE   Friday October 25th

MEAL TIME     Lunch

ATTENDEES IN PARTY   1 Adult,  2 Children


Ordered  Lunch Buffet 


We’ve all been there, taken to a movie or show that we had preconceived negative emotions of for any number of reasons. Perhaps bad word of mouth, a dislike of a performer, etc.  Then, as the show goes on our shelled exterior cracks and we ultimately find ourselves begrudgingly liking it.  The fact of the matter is we must work to come up with negatives as the positives easily come.

That is what the Hungry Italian encountered on his first ever visit to Sammy’s on London Road. 


Whereas most times trying a new restaurant comes with excitement and an inclination to want to like it, Sammy’s is different.  The Hungry Italian’s experience and knowledge of Sammy’s is miniscule having not eaten the Eau Claire location’s offering since it was downtown an entire lifetime ago.  Since then, the Hungry Italian has avoided Sammy’s for a number of reasons.  The company hardly ever advertises so little is known about them, those in the Hungry Italian’s circles speak poorly of the place and the concept of pizza buffet’s and cracker-style crusts disgust the Hungry Italian.

While the first two are debatable (nothing from the visit validates nor erases those) the final one was corrected.  The pizza served was much more in line with a NY Style Pizza, complete with charred crusts and artery clogging grease.  The buffet offering overall was varied with the mac-n-cheese provided being a sneaky good option. 

Upon entering on a Friday, the dark interior with a worn out and stained rug and nearly empty dining room gave a negative first impression.  The Hungry Italian and his kids sat themselves and then waited awkwardly for what to do.  There wasn’t a sign saying, “wait to be seated” nor a sign that said “seat yourself” and no staff member greeted us.

Eventually, the Hungry Italian and his kids simply began serving themselves at the buffet and waved down a server to take drink orders.  This was an awful first impression but service from here on out was outstanding.  The server was extremely cordial and those in the back kept the small but varied buffet well stocked.

The Hungry Italian has been told by pizza makers from around the country that no self-respecting pizza maker would ever do a buffet because the quality simply can’t ever be Grade A.  At Sammy’s, the type of pizza served works for a buffet and their ability to keep rotating was outstanding.  The overall experience is significantly cheaper and food quality much better than Pizza Ranch which focuses solely on buffets.


The pizza is a thin crust, but not a “cracker crust”.  If you’re a fan of NY Style Pizza, this will be a hit.  Each slice has that foldable texture, with cheese and toppings that held their consistency and clung to the slice on each bite.  There was minimal slide off of toppings with each bite which can be annoying when eating a pizza.


This clearly isn’t a fun that is good for the body with enough grease left on your plate to fry up an order of chicken wings but what lacks in nutrition it makes up for in being a good for the “soul”.  It’s very tasty and though likely not something that should be consumed even weekly the flavor is very worth the occasional gluttonous behavior.


For a lunch option, the Sammy’s buffet is a good fit.  This place has its detractors in town and for some a negative vibe. Again, the Hungry Italian had spent the better part of the last decade not liking the place even though he hadn’t had the product nor even talked with an operator of it in years.  Sammy’s lack of advertising beyond using coupons that cheapen their product along with a deteriorating dining room mask what is a contender for best pizza in town.


Yes.  More likely to order a whole pie than be a glutton and get the buffet.




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