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Introducing the Northern Wisconsin State Fair Talk Podcast

Join the Association's Executive Director, Ramblin' Rusty, on a variety of topics related to business, agriculture, community, and fun!  More than 100,000 attend the Northern Wisconsin State Fair and the Fairgrounds is host to multiple events year-round.  Give this podcast a listen and learn more at or engage on our Northern Wisconsin State Fair Facebook page.

Check back on Thursdays for the latest episodes

Episode #5  Previewing the 2023 Fair   Click Here to Listen

The Northern Wisconsin State Fair is right around the corner and this week on fair talk Rusty and I talk about all the events that will be taking place next week. All of the different vendors that will be there with their delicious fried food. All the carnival events that are going on include a motorcycle cage. We also didn't forget to talk about all the agricultural events that will be taking place in the new barns that they have put up. Ticket prices are still the same so be sure to come to the Northern Wisconsin State Fair July 12th through the 16th.

Episode #4  Meeting the Junior Ambassadors II  Click Here to Listen  

We meet more 2023 ambassadors as this group not only showcases a passion for agriculture but also cooking, photography and technology

Ryan Schutte, Eric Schutte, Julia Johnson and Morgan Hilger

Episode #3  Meeting the Junior Ambassadors I  Click Here to Listen

We meet a few of the junior fair ambassadors as they showcase their love for agriculture (and for one, diving too!)

Ryleigh Breuch, James Maahr and Jada Ryba

Episode #2 Changes (and what is staying the same) with the 2023 Fair  Click Here to Listen

What changes are in store (and what is staying the same) at the 2023 Fair? Executive Director Rusty Volk tells us

Episode #1   Fairgrounds History and Background Click Here to Listen

The debut of this new podcast series introduces us to Executive Director Rusty Volk as well as the history of the fair itself.


And what's this about "mafia money" buried at the fairgrounds?!?!? We think Rusty is joking...we think

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