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Drive the Valley Podcast

Hosted by Bill Bertrand from Chippewa Valley Mazda and Ken Vance Car City

New episodes drop on Wednesdays


Episode #13 - Talking the Car Market  Click Here to Listen

Bill sits down with one of the lead sales people with Chippewa Valley Mazda and Ken Vance Car City to discuss the "new normal" when it comes to purchasing vehicles.  How dealerships have adapted, what customers should keep in mind.  What current changes are for the long-term, and what they see going to what it once was when its possible.

Episode #12 - Dr. Robert DeFatta   CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Bill is back with Drive the Valley, visiting with great guests from around the Chippewa Valley.

Guest: Dr. Robert DeFatta from DeFatta ENT: Facial Plastic Surgery


Dr. DeFatta was born in Louisiana and we learn how a life born and raised in the south, ended up in Eau Claire, WI.

Of course a romance is involved. He has now been in the area since 2011…but that accent is still there!

How it is to work in a career side by side with his wife. Where they compliment each other and help each other expand.


Why “I can’t even see it” is the best compliment he can receive.


His new venture: River Prairie Wellness Center that we’ve all seen built up off the bypass.


The trend in holistic medicine and a new way of doing things

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