Join Jane Seymour Kunick, Jerry Annis & Scott Kunick as they learn about the people and places that make the Chippewa Valley a unique place to live.  

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This episode's interview is with Matt and Suzie Kendziera. They share their great story of how they’re living the life they want to with their entrepreneur spirit including starting a church! They are founders of “In It together” where they create opportunities for couples to grow even closer. Matt is also the host of a podcast “Jesus Never Ran.” www.beinit.org www.jesusneverran.com


 EPISODE  w/ Benny from Visit Eau Claire

We're looking at what the area has to offer by having a lengthy conversation with Visit Eau Claire's Benny Anderson.

- Jane and Jerry discuss the local real estate market

- Eau Claire is the "best big town" in Benny's mind

- What exactly does Visit Eau Claire do?  How are they funded?

- Partnering with many local organizations to make their event more accessible and market it.

- How many people work for Visit Eau Claire?

- Using "sports tourism" to help economy. Was our area recently a potential LPGA site?

- The future remains bright post pandemic.


 EPISODE  w/ the EC is Here Gang

Time to learn more about the people behind this podcast. The microphone gets turned on Jane, Jerry and Scott

- Jerry's childhood biking mishap going down Harding Ave. 

- Lots of discussion on riding bicycles around the community as kids along with "bucking".

- We learn more specifics about Jerry and Jane and their families and careers.

- Why they are realtors and how their lives and backgrounds have influenced them.

- Their favorite things about living in Eau Claire.

- The best kept secrets in town.


 EPISODE w/ Kristin Schumacher from UWEC

With students returning to campus, the group visits the UW-Eau Claire campus.  Jane & Jerry share memories of attending UWEC while Scott sits down with Kristin Schumacher the Director of University Centers.  Among topics discussed...


- Why she came to Eau Claire from Chicago

- Overseeing the Forum Lecture Series & importance of it.

- Development of the Viennese Ball and other campus/community events.

- COVID-19 precautions being taken.


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