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6/2/20   Racial Divide

The recent murder of George Floyd, coupled with other recent murders and societal circumstances have led to a weeks worth of protests that no doubt unnerve, scare, upset and yes...maybe even annoy and make many uncomfortable.  We can argue about the protests and their are levels of discussion to be had there but the message can't be lost.  That is, there remains racial issues in our nation.  Many people aren't "racist" and don't have a bone of "hatred" in their body. However, that can't be mistaken for a false belief that it doesn't exist.  

At the same time, many of us are unknowingly complicit in "systematic racism" something we should all be educated more on and can thus, change




6/3/20   Downtown Eau Claire Protesters

ECHR and Mom's Kitchen are proud to recognize the protesters in downtown Eau Claire.  The protest held over the weekend in light of the George Ffloyd murder was well-executed, peaceful and thus powerful.  The message was clear and not cloudied by destruction or distruption.  At their core, protests are a form of advertising.  Bringing attention to a topic and that many care about it. 

The protest on Sunday did exactly that.  Protesters took their time, organized and it showed. It was also a stark reminder for our community that issues very much exist here.  The good news is, that also means we can all be part of the solution and not spectators.




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