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  2/18/20:  Lack of Patience

From the days of us crying as babies to our senior years pounding the table about the "young-ins" we are a complaining species. The best of do it. We're sure the Pope himself has been annoyed by someone taking too long on the toilet.  


That said, people need to be patient in terms of punishment being delivered as opposed to haphazardly wanting an immediate pound of flesh.  Buried in the recent news of an investigation into alleged poor treatment by a UWEC senior staffer towards his office is the fact the university system has been open an transparent about it since February.

The university is investigating and going through all the channels so that when a decision is rendered, loose ends are tied up as opposed to creating more issues that can be exploited by those don't agree with it (whatever it may be).

Be patient folk.  Delays aren't necessary a conspiracy.


2/5/20   Molly Dewangler

ECHR and Mom's Kitchen are proud to recognize the local resident Molly Dewangler.  These are stories we love and when they are sent to us we can't help but make sure they get highlighted.  Molly lives on the south side and works out of her home.  Following a recent snow storm she noticed her elderly neighbor having difficulty getting to their mailbox daily due to ice chunks.

So, starting the next day Molly went and got the the mail for her neighbor.  That pattern has now continued for nearly every day for the last several weeks even as the ice has come and gone.

We congratulate Molly and hope she enjoys a free meal on behalf of Mom's Kitchen.



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