Every Tuesday, check back here as we "take out the trash".  Who is someone or what is something in the community that needs to be trashed for this week? 

  3/31/20:  Dog Walkers

With society in suspended animation what is already a traditional early-spring pastime in our area, walking, has exploded.  There are many benefits to that from the exercise to being able to waive and smile at neighbors thus developing a connection.  However, we must take careless dog walkers out to the trash.  Those that go without a leash or worse yet, allow their dogs to defecate on neighbor’s laws. 


Yes, you can pick it up but again step back and think about it.  You consider the dog a part of your family, correct?  Some view them as even more valuable than human life.  Okay, well…in that case is it okay if we were to come out and drop a deuce at the edge of your lawn?


Oh, we’ll pick it up so that makes it okay, right?


4/1/20   Local Business Operators

ECHR and Mom's Kitchen are proud to recognize all the local business operators who are continuing to forge ahead during these...well....odd times. There is an awful amount of anxiety and our business owners are not immune.  However, by continuing to operate (or maintaining staff levels during a mandatory shutdown) they are helping to ease some of the worries and stress for others.

It's those business operators that show strength during this period who will prosper once restrictions are lifted.



Every Wednesday, we hand out our GOLD STARS. Whether its an event, a moment or an individual we highlight the best in the area from the previous week

West Wisconsin Play by Play, LLC

2010 Hatch Street

Eau Claire, WI  54701