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EATING ESTABLISHMENT   The French Press  (via EatStreet)

DINING DATE   Wednesday November 4th

MEAL TIME     Lunch


TOTAL BILL  - $16 including delivery

Ordered   Meatloaf Sandwich



In a time of stress and uncertainty nothing is more universally accepted and agreed upon than comfort classics, right? 

Oh, who are we kidding.  Even comfort classics have varying opinions and arguably none more-so than meatloaf.  Not only are there large groupings of those who can’t stand it, but it’s a dish with a tremendous spectrum of textures, flavors, ingredients and even smells.  No two meatloafs are alike.

The Hungry Italian loves him a good meatloaf. From the childhood memories of his mother’s to the weekly sandwich he’d get at a local deli growing up to the ones he makes at home.   So it was with great anticipation he dialed up The French Press to try there version recently.

The French Press, located off London Road, is a quaint coffeeshop that serves breakfast and lunch.  With the ongoing pandemic, the decision was made to have the food delivered and that led to going with meatloaf.

The French Press has ample breakfast selections, including an abundance of sweet breads, but the viability of breakfast food delivery is debatable. Eggs, French toast and pancakes aren’t the best transported foods. Whereas some foods actually improve with built in time to cool (meats, pizza, etc.)  others are best served instantly such as breakfast items.

That led to the Hungry Italian opting for the meatloaf sandwich and it was a decision that left him smiling.

The entrée includes a card deck size of meatloaf served on a soft roll with thick cut french fries.  Simple and delicious.  The french fries are extremely greasy and soft which is a turn off for some but the Hungry Italian likes all types of fries and approves.

As for the meat itself, its flavorful and perfectly cooked.  There isn’t a burnt edge while the texture is smooth, utilizing the bread within the mixture.  The flavor isn’t complex, just a basic savory which is good.  There isn’t anything fancy or overdone with this meatloaf. No grotesque sauce and no pointless additions such as large chunks of a vegetable.

The French Press is one of those local establishments that is best enjoyed in person, but in lieu of that, ordering delivery/carry-out isn’t a bad option.  The key is, with any breakfast place, being careful with what is ordered and maybe utilizing this as an opportunity to try something different.


The sandwich, even without delivery is a little pricey coming in at more than $11.  So this isn’t something that will be purchased weekly or even monthly.  However, the VALUE is definitely there so this is a sandwich the Hungry Italian will be saving up for.

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