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The Heyde Center for the Arts, in partnership with Eau Claire Hometown Radio, announces the launch for its first ever limited podcast series “GHOSTED”. Created and hosted by local college students Semisi Faleta, Ada Packiewicz, and Evan Peterson, this creepy comedy podcast looks to explore the scary, unexplained, and downright weird stories found right in our own backyard of Wisconsin and Minnesota. On September 30th, the show will kick off its run on the Eau Claire Hometown Radio website

(https://www.echometownradio.com) and will release new hilariously horrifying episodes every week in the month of October; all leading up to the Heyde Center’s annual murder mystery dinner “GHOSTS IN THE ATTIC” on Halloween night (October 31st). The teams at the Heyde Center, Eau Claire Hometown, and “GHOSTED” seek to promote local art and entertainment by local organizations for local people through their work on this absurdly awesome show.


EPISODE #4  "Welcome, Mr. President"

On the fourth episode of GHOSTED, the team goes full ghosted! The duo investigate the spine tingling spirits of Stevens Point, WI and Brown County, MN as Ada takes a trip down Boy Scout Lane and Semisi uncovers the truth behind the vengeful ghost of little Annie Marie Twente. There will be bloodcurdling screaming, undead hikers, live burial, and a deep discussion on the hotness of Hugh Laurie. With surprise guest star the Ghost of US President Ronald Reagan, join the team on this hauntingly hilarious episode of GHOSTED!

Disclaimer: This podcast includes profanity and mature themes




EPISODE #3 "You Can't Hang with Patrick Swayze"

On Episode 3 of GHOSTED, things get dark as the team takes on their creepiest and most baffling stories yet! One family’s tragic discovery of an infant’s watery grave (Winona, MN) and a brutal series of unsolved campus murders that has been kept quiet for over 50 years now (Madison, WI). Ada and Semisi tell the terrifying real stories of the Winona Angel Baby and the Mad City Murders, all the while trying to summarize the plot of Dirty Dancing. Listen into all the mystery, murder, and theories in this sadistically shocking episode!

Disclaimer: This episode contains graphic descriptions of violence, body mutilation, and infant mortality. Listener discretion is advised


Disclaimer: This episode contains graphic descriptions of violence, body mutilation, and infant mortality. Listener discretion is advised.


EPISODE #2  "Welcome to the Internet!"                              

On the second episode of GHOSTED, Semisi does a bit of investigating into an out of this world hit and run in the seriously average town of Warren, MN (Val Johnson Incident). Meanwhile in Whitewater, Ada discovers that something wicked is hiding in the water towers and dorm buildings of this college town (Whitewater Witches). Drug planes, hidden tunnel systems, and…the wonders of elderly bathtubs??? The GHOSTED team explores all of these topics and more in this wickedly weird episode!




EPISODE #1  "Polish Dog"

On the premiere episode of GHOSTED, Ada and Semisi dive into the strange disappearance of Samantha and Gianna Rucki and the terrifying legend of the Haunchyville Haunchies… but not before they discuss the life of amateur podcasting and the Polishness of your great grandpa’s dog. Tune in for a fantastically freaky first episode!



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