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DINING DATE   Saturday October 3rd


MEAL TIME     Dinner

ATTENDEES IN PARTY   2 adults, 2 children


Ordered   Fried Walley Dinner with Cheese Curd Appetizer 



Good can always turn into evil as any Italian can attest.  That wooden spoon grandma used with a conductor’s touch to bring together a Sunday sauce could also be wielded as the most torturous of weapons.

On the dietary menu, fish very much falls into this category. The health benefits of all types of fish fill up a notepad. However, that all melts away when prepared in the comfort classic frying method.  Thus, we’re left to rationalize and stuck arguing with our own inner conscious that “they” may say fried fish is bad for you but that is just “fake science”.

The Hungry Italian found himself throwing mental blows with his inner conscious, while satisfying his growling tummy, thanks to the Fried Walley Dinner offered at Grizzly’s Restaurant.  This was a take out dinner night for the family as an order was placed and then picked up.  Using the Grizzly’s website (and skipping any third party apps) makes this extremely efficient and easy to do.  The dining room itself is open and staff are all masked, but on this night that was skipped in favor of dining at home.

The ubiquitous cheese curds served as an appetizer.  These are of the “brick” variety which the Hungry Italian prefers over the popcorn-looking “fair” style and were very delicious. One of the sneaky benefits to eating at home is things like cheese curds which debatably are better when they’ve had time to cool and congeal.  Though be careful, like masterfully timing when to eat cereal after milk is poured…wait too long and those benefits quickly turn into a disgusting goo so the window of perfection is small.

The kids had cheeseburger sliders and chicken fingers while Mrs. Hungry Italian scarfed down a large burger.

As for the Fried Walleye itself, it wasn’t anything spectacular.  Not bad by any stretch.  Just don’t expect this to be the best you’ve ever had.  The filets are a little on the small size when factoring in the price.  The dish comes with waffle fries and these are very good though the portion is a little disjointed. Not that there are too few but honestly, too many.  Maybe this is done to compensate for the smaller (and more expensive) protein.

A small cup of cole slaw comes with this and again the portion is disappointing.  This was more akin to what one gets at a deli for lunch.  A small cup (the size of Culver’s Ketchup cup) is filled with a crispy slaw that is outstanding but one bite seems like a tease.  At a restaurant, with these prices, a little more would be warranted.

The quality of the product is very good at Grizzly’s but the portions on this meal were out of place.  The small filets aren’t a deal-breaker, but when coupled with what seems like an over compensation of a starch and then a frustrating amount of cole slaw it makes it an issue.


Despite issues with portion sizes, the efficiency of the take-out and the overall quality of the product make this a place that the Hungry Italian will no doubt be visiting again.

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