ALIGNED with Dr. Kelbel

ECHM, in cooperation with Dr. Kelbel with Health Aligned Family Chiropractic sit down to discuss ongoing health issues. Not just the ongoing pandemic, but day-to-day issues faced by everyone and what you can do to better yourself.

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                                             Episode 5


Senior care and chiropractic work is the focus on this episode...

  1. Seniors and benefits to care

  2. Is it ever too old to start

  3. Handling the “fall” risk and helping people keep their independence

  4. Take us through an initial visit

  5. How many times should a senior see their chiropractor

  6. The inaccuracies with arthritis assumptions

  7. How chiropractic range can help maintain the range of motion

  8. Rehabbing an injury as a senior

  9. Chiropractors will come to you

  10. The placebo effects



                                             Episode 4

Athletics and your health is the focus of this episode.  How everyone's body responds differently to a variety of activities and how to maintain yourself while doing many of the "unnatural" things required in some sports.

  1. Increasing athletic performance with chiropractic work

  2. Preventing injury

  3. Working on the “weekend warrior” athletic

  4. Getting injured athletes back on the field

  5. Advances in techniques and therapies

  6. Never too young (or old ) to start

  7. Unnatural motions in sports



                                             Episode 3

We continue to breakdown assumptions about chiropractic care by focusing on the benefits children and pregnant women get from the service

1) Why you should bring your child to a chiropractor

2) Using chiropractic care in support of/not against modern medicine

3) Why pregnant women benefit from a chiropractor

4) Learning about your own personal anatomical differences

5)  Dr. Kelbel discusses working on his own wife and child.




                                             Episode 2

With COVID-19, and the regular flu-season arriving, Dr. Kelbel is here to provide tips to boost your own immune system. Help to ward off illness and give yourself the best chance to minimize sickness if you do come down with something:

- Boosting your immune system

- Comparing your diet to a football roster

- What actually IS your immune system

- The role your spine plays in overall health

- Key for preventative care, including chiropractic work.

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                                             Episode 1

We sit down with Dr. Kelbel to get introduced to his new practice and learn more about the work chiropractors do.  Is it just alignments and help for sore muscles?  There is so much more.  Also, we learn the story behind Dr. Kelbel's path towards the profession and why his is a practice focused on the entire family.


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