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EATING ESTABLISHMENT   Casa Margherita (via Door Dash)

DINING DATE   Thursday November 19, 2020

MEAL TIME     Lunch

ATTENDEES IN PARTY   1 adult, 1 child

TOTAL BILL  - $20 including delivery

Ordered   Lunch Enchiladas and Child's Cheese Quesadilla 



No need circling the door let’s go right in and say it.  Some foods travel well, and others don’t.  Arguably, pizza is best when it’s had 15-20 minutes to cool during transport.  Pasta holds up well and even things like burgers and sandwiches (as long as they haven’t been overly saturated in various ointments such as ketchup or mayo).

Others like pancakes, eggs and other breakfast foods are best served within minutes of being plated.

Then we get to Mexican-American fare’ and one must the fight temptation to go “all or nothing”.  As the Hungry Italian points out, it comes down to expectation and prioritizing taste over all other senses.


Getting dine-in quality Mexican American fare has been one of the absences on the Hungry Italian’s diet since March.  The significant decrease in eating out coupled with an assumption on the transportability of meals making it difficult to dig in.

Yet, cravings persist and eventually they burst like the plastic thermometer on a cooked turkey.  So, the Hungry Italian decided to log-into Casa Margherita to give this southside location a try.

Using Door Dash, the menu and ordering process was very easy with numerous options and specials listed out.  An enchilada dish featuring two wrapped corn tortillas (one beef and one chicken) covered in sauces, cheese and served with refried beans and rice was selected.

The “lunch tamale” was nearly selected too but passed in favor of this selection.

Also ordered was a child’s cheese quesadilla.

The food was delivered within 30 minutes and it was time to dive in and here is where expectations need to be set.

First, the order comes with a paper lunch bag full of freshly made chips.  Buying chips at the store and eating those is fine but there is something about fresh chips and don’t worry they are included here.

The child’s quesadilla came awkwardly wrapped in tinfoil.  Almost like a billfold and frankly the presentation is insulting.  Have the decency to place the quesadilla in its own container for heave’s sake!

The taste was approved by the Hungry Italian’s little bambino, but again the presentation an insult to a paying customer.  Almost like “I can’t believe you ordered this you idiot!” said in  a mocking down as they laugh and put the money into their account simultaneously.

Moving on, the rest was good but again understand what you’re getting. Imagine eating at a sit-down Mexican American establishment and your plate.   Close your eyes and really imagine it.

Well, that plate is in one container and being transported so it’s even more of an abstract artistic work.

The rice and beans, while separate are very much mixed around the enchiladas and all of it covered by lettuce and that awkward slice of tomato that I’ve never quite figured out why it’s there (is this the cuisine’s version of a pickle?  Is it like getting a birdie on the 18th hole…just enough justification that what you’re eating is healthy enough, so you come back?)

So, the look isn’t necessarily appealing but hold judgement because let’s get to the point…the taste.  All of it tasted very good.  The enchiladas were both very tender with a burst of flavor and for those who aren’t keen on any level of “heat”, there is none here.  There isn’t any kick behind these and for those who want it, there is always hot sauce.  Personally, the Hungry Italian likes just a hint of heat but would rather there be too little (and increased with hot sauce) than the other way around which is harder for the diner to control.

The rice was tender, and the gloppy substance of refried beans had the same texture and acceptable flavor as anywhere else in town.


Casa Margherita is located south of the interstate, outside the Hungry Italian’s regular driving routes.  Honestly, its hard to see this place being added to the regular rotation.  However, that is not to say the meal wasn’t enjoyable and it was well worth the price.  Based entirely on food, no…but this place hasn’t been given a chance to showcase it’s in-person experience yet so…

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