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DINING DATE   Friday November 22nd

MEAL TIME    Lunch


TOTAL BILL  - Approximately $20

OREDERED  Lunch buffet and drink


When all hope is lost and winds are blowing your sails in every direction there is  one last resort to settle down the turmoil.  We’re of course talking about the daily buffet restaurant.  Not to be confused with the decadent buffets for special occasions such as Mother’s Day or the gluttenous extravaganzas at tourist destinations.  The daily buffet, most typically in the 2000s an Asian-American fare, is a concoction of ok food, served in an ok environment with ok service and ok pricing

It’s not bad and it’s not jaw dropping awesome either…its almost a palate re-setter.

The Hungry Italian visited the Jade Garden recently, sampling this establishments varied options and came away with the above further validated.  It’s anything but a mistake to patronize this place, but it’s hard to say it should be a frequent stop.  Buffet’s are a hard sell nowadays as their popularity decades ago was fueled on the concept of multiple visits and lots of sampling.  The issue is, without thinking, one can easily down 2,000-3,000 calories and with the food being of “ok” quality it’s hard to justify such caloric intake making visiting a buffet a less frequent occurrence.

The Jade Garden’s dining room is open with the serving area laid out in the middle.  There is nothing out of the ordinary with the seating which is mostly booths.  A server quickly comes and takes drink orders and then you’re on your own.  There is the standard Asian-inspired American dishes which means lots of chicken with sauces and noodles.  Egg rolls, fried fish, sesame balls and some steamed veggie dishes accentuate the standard options.

The Hungry Italian made multiple visits to the stations and found the fried fish and the honey chicken to be tasty.  The sesame balls were yummy with a black bean filling that looked and tasted more like chocolate which was odd but everything but unpleasant.  Not sure why it tasted that way, perhaps a mental contortion but it worked for the Hungry Italian.

The egg rolls had little flavor beyond a burnt taste which was disappointing but otherwise, the meal was…ok to good.

Service was fine, the décor was fine, the pricing was fine.  Still, with Asian-inspired dishes being low on the Hungry Italian’s culinary line-up and with buffets being viewed as an infrequent luxury, consistent visits here are unlikely. Though infrequent ones aren’t worrisome.


A combination of a lack of preference for buffets and Asian-inspired American fare make coming back here low on the priority list. However, if YOU like the above you won't be dissapointed here.




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