JayRay’s Demi (Via Eat Street)

Tucked into a small building on Brackett Ave, that some long-range residents will remember as a Taco John’s many moons ago, JayRay’s Deli is a popular sandwich shop among social media users in the area.  Whether it’s on foodie group pages or just individuals posting, there is rarely a bad word uttered about this sandwich shop operated by the same young man who started Red Coal BBQ here a few years ago.

There is nothing fancy about the spot as it’s take-out or delivery only leaving the place to rely entirely on it’s food to survive.  No ambiance, no extra-curriculars.


​Visited:  11/12/2021

Ordered: Italian Beef


Price:   $16 including delivery and tip


Entrée’:   Having had an interest in trying this place for a while, the Hungry Italian placed a delivery order for lunch.  The Italian Beef was selected as it’s a common sandwich but there are many worthwhile choices.  Some will immediately argue that not doing any of the pastrami options does this place wrong as devout JayRay’s fans wish to be buried in those sandwiches.  Regardless. The Italian Beef was selected.

The sandwich arrived roughly 40 minutes after it was ordered in a Styrofoam container and held up exceptionally well in transport.  This is key because nothing is eaten on site (unless you use your car) so the transportability is key.


This simple sandwich is loaded with roast beef, soaked in au ju, with medium (it will be hot to some so ask for it without if you don’t like any heat) giardiniera and supposedly provolone cheese.  The Hungry Italian can’t confirm, nor deny the presence of the cheese.  Having the cheese melted on top would’ve been better for even if it was in the sandwich under the bread it wasn’t noticeable and sometimes the visual is as important.

Despite this, the sandwich looks outstanding…camera ready if one will.

This is a messy sandwich because of the au ju and the bread is soaked in this, which is a good thing.  Again, there is no shortage of meat and the value is there.


The meat itself, layered together, has the texture, mouthfeel and somewhat the taste of Arby’s Roast Beef.  That wasn’t a flavor that was too be expected.  There is nothing wrong with Arby’s but wasn’t what was too be expected.  The whole sandwich eats well, with good flavor but admittedly the texture and taste of the roast beef probably makes this a B to B+ sandwich as opposed to an A or A+.


By no means is this terrible, absolutely not.  Its just not as good as it could be.

Second Helping?  Definitely!  There are many options here and while another Italian Beef isn’t off the table, trying a pastrami offering has to be next on the list.

Final Score:  4 out of 5 cheese curds