Put the napkin in your lap and pull up to the table with Eau Claire's Hungry Italian as he provides the area's only true Restaurant Review.  Don't have another family night ruined by poor service.  Find the perfect spot to take that special online someone on the third date that has romance commingled with value.  

EATING ESTABLISHMENT  Jim Bob's Pizza  (via Eat Street)

DINING DATE   Friday July 10th

MEAL TIME     Lunch

ATTENDEES IN PARTY   1 adults, 2 children


Ordered  Large Pepperoni Pizza and 6-inch calzone with green olives


Pizza is as reliable as it is versatile.  Even when its bad, its still good and with an abundance of options from crust to toppings it allows for uniqueness.

While some no doubt get the exact same pie from the same locale over and over, the Hungry Italian spreads out his pizza eating habits across a variety of places.  The spinner landing on JimBob’s this time.  Located just off Clairemont and near Memorial High School this has been a longtime local pizza staple (a Chippewa Falls location also exists).

On a Friday afternoon, with the little bambinos home the Hungry Italian splurged on some pizza for lunch.  First, let’s start with the calzone which is an under-ordered and under-appreciated delicacy of the pizza maker.  Nearly any self-respecting local place (national chains aren’t as likely to have them) from coast to coast offers them and they are a surprising delight.  However, its hard to pry people away from ordering pizza itself.

A quick reminder, a calzone is basically a folded over pizza with a couple differences.  One, its cheesier (usually with the pizza blend and ricotta) and comes with pizza sauce on the side and not in.  Plus, you can add whatever toppings inside you want and on this occasion green olives were included.

The JimBob’s calzone served as a gluttonous appetizer.  The six-inch size is too small to be a meal (order larger for that) but very tasty and cheesy.  Its a slightly flatter calzone and almost had a quesadilla feel to it but that didn’t take away from the taste.

As for the pizza, this is a thin crust pie with ample cheese and enough pepperoni.  Reliable and good.  Its a different flavor than the national chains which is what one wants when they order from a local spot.  This isn’t a “New York style” even with the thin crust but instead more of a generic feel in that regard.  The dough is slightly thicker that “New York Style” with a very soft feel to it closer to what one gets at Dominos (minus the excess garlic).

JimBob’s is a safe choice when deciding on where to order that evening’s pizza but don’t automatically go in that direction.  Take advantage of the calzones and bite into something that is even less of a regular on your personal diet.  It’ll turn any pizza night into something just a little more special.

Second Helping:  We’ve enjoyed JimBobs for years and in the absence of any horrible experience or change on their end see no reason we won’t stop ordering from here.


We’ve enjoyed JimBobs for years and in the absence of any horrible experience or change on their end see no reason we won’t stop ordering from here.




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