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Hosted by the people behind Momentum Fitness in Eau Claire.  Their mission is to create a family of hard-working, humble and fitness-minded people.

New Episodes Drop the 1st & 3rd Wednesday of the month

Episode #9 - Running Sucks, But so do Burpees  Click Here to Listen

Running sucks, but so do burpees! Jim and Jackie talk about diving into things you may not enjoy. They talk about running, why we avoid it but why it’s only necessary. They discuss tips to get one going with running, including intervals, and starting off slow.

They also discuss when one should scale back their running! It’s all about running better, not just more.

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. It’s how we grow

Episode #8 - More Mailbag Answers  Click Here to Listen

Jackie and Jim dive back into the mailbag and answer questions from many of the members from Momentum Fitness (and no doubt, questions you have as well).

1) Which Crossfit Movements Do Jackie and Jim find to be the most beneficial?

2) Mountains or Oceans, which one does each prefer?

3) The most challenging thing each has done

4) What did they do for fitness before Crossfit?

5) Favorite workout music?

6) If you could only eat one meal the rest of your life, what would it be?

7) How many pair of shoes do you have?

Episode #7 - 5 Things You Should do Now  Click Here to Listen

Jackie and Jim are talking to you about the five things you can do right now! These are some things that you can practice in your lifestyle and share it with your family and friends to benefit yourself.

Episode #6 - Strong Moms Say Bad Words Click Here to Listen

Jackie is talking with Doni Norberg with a session of Strong Moms say Bad Words. What does the summer look like for parents and how different it is from the school year. Figure out how they are going to survive the rest of their summer with their kiddos.

Episode #5 - Fitness Facts & Fiction  Click Here to Listen

Starting off one of the first episodes of the summer, Jackie and Jim are testing each other on the fitness truths and myths. Find out how some of these myths have affected your mindset in the gym.

Episode #4 - Seasons of Fitness  Click Here to Listen

Jim and Jackie talk about the seasons of fitness and how things change throughout the calendar year. How does the summer compare to winter? Spring to fall?

For example, in the summer we are more active outside, but with those events comes from food & drink. Why they view the Fall as the fitness schedule’s “New Year” and much more.

Episode #3 - Mailbag with Jackie and Jim  Click Here to Listen 

Jackie and Jim dive into some questions brought to them from members of Momentum Fitness

1) Why is Momentum one of the more expensive gyms in town?

2) What should you do if you’re injured?

3) If you could go anywhere, where would you go?

4) Do you take vitamins and supplements?

5) Does your spouse workout with you?

6) Are you planning on bringing back the Chippewa Valley Games?

Episode #2 - Nutrition Coaching  Click Here to Listen

Jim is joined by Coach Dawn, who is the nutrition coach at Momentum Fitness. She tells us about her journey and how social media increased her interest in eating better and working out. She has been certified as a nutrition coach for a few years and where she comes along in the health-habit process for members.

It’s about building better habits and a lifestyle, not just calorie counting and “good” vs. “bad” foods.


Who benefits from having a nutrition coach?

Episode #1  "Mother's Day"  Click Here to Listen 

Hosted by the people behind Momentum Fitness in Eau Claire.  Their mission is to create a family of hard-working, humble and fitness-minded people.

Jackie and Jim, in honor of Mother’s Day, talk to their moms on this edition of the podcast. Mo and Vicki tell us about themselves, raising their families and much more.


There are plenty of “fun” questions the moms answer. Including: Have they ever been arrested? What was their first car?

Oh, and any secrets about the hosts?