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Hosted by the people behind Momentum Fitness in Eau Claire.  Their mission is to create a family of hard-working, humble and fitness-minded people.

New Episodes Drop the 1st & 3rd Wednesday of the month

Episode #16 Three Dads and a Podcast  Click Here to Listen

It’s a dad focused episode with Jim joined by a couple of the male coaches, Seth and Craig at Momentum Fitness. They discuss being parents from a couple different perspectives as both Jim and Seth have newborns and are new to the “dad world”. Craig is here to provide the experienced view

From that first “I’m a dad moment” to parenting tips and best/worst advice

Episode #15   Five Ways to Handle Anxiety  Click Here to Listen

Stress/anxiety is something everyone deals with from time to time. Jim and Jackie provide tips to help care for yourself and also for others. Whether its work, home, relationships there are many things many bring stress.


They take us through five ways to handle anxiety.


Oh, and we find out what song induces anxiety for Jim. You’ll likely be surprised (hint: it comes at the 6:30 mark)


NOTE: Jim and Jackie encourage you and others to seek professional care if you feel overwhelmed by stress. There is no weakness in asking for help, if anything it shows more strength.

Episode #14  New Year's Resolutions are the WORST   Click Here to Listen

This episode has been published and can be heard everywhere your podcast is available.


This week, from friends to family members to co-workers to yourself you’ll be hearing all about New Years Resolutions. However, is it a good thing to do this exercise or does it distract from actual progress?


Jim and Jackie and joined Doni on this special episode. They discuss whether its good or bad to have health resolutions.


A goal without a plan is…A WISH…and that is the rub.

Episode #13  Mom's Christmas Survival Guide  Click Here to Listen

Its the holiday season and Jackie and Doni discuss being moms and surviving the Christmas season. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be overwhelming at times with all the chaos.

Some real advice to navigate, enjoy and relish the moments.

Episode #12  Top Five Fitness Mind Hacks   Click Here to Listen

Jim talks with Craig Manthe, a  CrossFit coach and trainer with almost 30 years experience in Eau Claire. Craig was one of the first CrossFit trainers in the area. How has fitness and training evolved during that time.

Craig takes us through mindset principles for better training.

1) Timing

2) Routine

3) More than Zero

4) Steer back

5) Patience

Episode #10 Seth Subiaga Fitness Coach   Click Here to Listen

Episode #7 - 5 Things You Should do Now  Click Here to Listen

Episode #6 - Strong Moms Say Bad Words Click Here to Listen

Episode #5 - Fitness Facts & Fiction  Click Here to Listen

Episode #4 - Seasons of Fitness  Click Here to Listen

Episode #3 - Mailbag with Jackie and Jim  Click Here to Listen 

Jackie and Jim dive into some questions brought to them from members of Momentum Fitness

Episode #2 - Nutrition Coaching  Click Here to Listen

Episode #1  "Mother's Day"  Click Here to Listen 


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