From the free frisbees to kids to a wide open seating layout to the sneaky good view out the back windows, Monk’s is a location that seems to be a pleasant surprise as to how good it is on every visit.  Whether it’s the location on the Highway 53 frontage road near Oakwood Mall or the fact it has the “jack of all trades, master of none” label of being a Bar & Grill  Monk’s tends to be a place that is settled on as a dining spot as opposed to a look forward to destination.  Yet, it always produces a good time.

​Visited:  9/19/2021


Ordered: French Dip Served ‘Philly Style’ with cheese, peppers and onions.  Also fried pickles for an appetizer


Price:   $40 total for two adults


Entrée’:  If the compact, crowded nature of a spot such as Milwaukee Burger Company is unappealing, then Monk’s should be a part of your rotation.  The large building (once home to Northwoods Brew Pub) has tall ceilings and an expansive dining layout.  There is plenty of room to spread out with varying locations as well.  There is a horseshoe bar with some booths in between two separate dining areas that have wide windows.  One of these rooms looks out onto the highway while the to other pears into Bullis Pond.

There is also a deck area.

Televisions are all over the place providing an energetic ambiance and something to keep a conversation going if topics run think.


Upon this visit, we were immediately seated as the restaurant was perhaps 40% full on a Sunday evening.  Whereas staffing has been an issue at places and service predictably impacted, that wasn’t the case here.  Service was outstanding and not just on a “Covid curve” but simply outstanding.

The only knock was the server was too eager to clear our table as the Hungry Italian hadn’t actually finished his sandwich before the server took the plate.  Once the plate was in the server’s hand, it felt awkward to try to wrestle it back.

Regardless, the service was good.


An order of fried pickles was placed.  This was a disappointing as the fried pickles here are “spears” and they don’t fry the same as the slices.  The “goo” of the pickles is molten lava surrounded by a mediocre batter.  The chipotle mayo sauce they come with is exceptional but avoid the fried pickles.


Moving onto the entrée, the French dip sandwich was ordered and was great. Seemingly an entire cow sacrificed for this scrumptious sandwich.  There was definitely no shortage of meat as it’s piled high and stuffed within the hoagie roll.  This sandwich was ordered ‘philly style’ which basically means it’s more of a philly sandwich then a French drip.  Mozzarella cheese, peppers and onions are included with this upcharge.


The meal was very flavorful while also tender.  The cheese was perfectly melted and vegetables added the crunch to offset the mushiness of the meat, cheese and bread.

Make sure to upgrade to French fries over the chips as the fries are also very good (and also the chips aren’t anything special).


Second Helping?  Monk’s tends to be forgotten but never disappoints so it should be a place frequented more often.

Final Score 4 out of 5 cheese curds