Put the napkin in your lap and pull up to the table with Eau Claire's Hungry Italian as he provides the area's only true Restaurant Review.  Don't have another family night ruined by poor service.  Find the perfect spot to take that special online someone on the third date that has romance commingled with value.  


DINING DATE   Friday  August 23rd

MEAL TIME     Breakfast

ATTENDEES IN PARTY   3  (1 adult, 2 children


Ordered   3 Slices of French Toast, Egg over Easy and Pancakes


There is a moment that things click for us. Some call it love at first sight. Whether it be with a significant other, a town, a job, or a college.  We experience a few of those in life and they’re magical and even more appreciated the older we get as we’ve learned to recognize them sooner and cherish them.  For me, I had that on my first ever visit to Nucleus where upon exiting the door I was strongly considering finding a divorce attorney to help get me out of my marriage so I could begin a courtship with Nucleus’s French toast.

The wife could even have custody of the children, just let me and the French toast snuggle together and live out our days overlooking the Eau Claire river.

Suffice to say, this will be a positive review.

This was the Hungry Italian’s first-visit, amazing considering the time spent in this town.  Upon entry, the immediate impression wasn’t a positive one as décor is…well…non-existent.  There was an empty, bar-like area and a space that was only a tummy-length larger than a Manhattan studio apartment.

“Why the fuss and buzz over this place?”  With a space as cramped, uncomfortable and borderline unwelcoming the food must be great!

And it is. First off, our waiter was amazing. Attentive, friendly and personable.  As for the food, the Hungry Italian ordered the French Toast and what he received rolled his eyes to the back of his head with each bite.  The French toast has a hint of Orange to it, a small addition but one that is unique and unforgettable.   While many places dunk day-old bread into a sweet egg mixture and the results are tasty, this is memorable.

The Hungry Italian’s little bambinos received chocolate chip pancakes and they too had a rich flavor.  Sometimes pancakes are tasteless and rely on a filling or syrup but these had a depth to them.

The only complaint would be the ala carte menu, while excellent for regulars, is a tough way to go for newbies.  Portions aren’t explained on the menu and way more was purchased than necessary.  One would say,  “just ask the waiter” and while ours was exceptionally friendly…c’mon,  a person never asks for directions and the Hungry Italian never asks for menu help.

Nevertheless, an outstanding breakfast and experience.

SECOND HELPING Absolutely yes. This may be the best French toast I’ve ever eaten.