Perkins Bakery & Restaurant

WARNING:  Avoid this place at all costs!

There is a level of patience and an adjusted level of acceptance to mistakes that customers must take into account at the present state. Staffing and supply shortages have stretched the dining industry.  Eventually, the better places will adapt and those that lag behind will be put out of business but diners right now must set a lower bar.

That said, it doesn't make any establishment immune from criticism.  Bad service is simply bad service and a recent experience at the Perkins at corner of Hastings and Highland Avenue put the Hungry Italian in a foul mood

Visited:  9/19/2021  


Ordered: Breakfast food...doesn't matter, it never arrived


Price:  N/A


Entrée: Over the years, the Hungry Italian has been a diner at the Perkins off Highlands Avenue. From late night eating to morning breakfasts, the place has been a somewhat regular stop.  Not a "regular" but a spot visited 2-3 times a year.  Like many others have noted, the deteriorating quality of the local Perkins since the passing of the previous longtime GM, has become quite noticeable and finally reached a breaking point on this visit.

Heading out for breakfast with the wife and kids at 8:30am on a Sunday morning a wait was expected.  Upon arrival, a short five minute wait was far from extreme.  The restaurant was maybe 1/4 full but the wait was accepted as in these current times staffing issues are expected. If anything, 'only' a five-minute wait was greeted with relief.

Once seated, the problems immediately shown.  It took 10 minutes before a server came to take drinks and orders.  Once those were taken; quickly drinks were brought along with a muffin (part of one entree) and cookies for the kids.  Okay, off we go right?  Nope!

That would be it for any food!  Over the next 93 minutes, we waited.  And waited.  And waited.  

Food never came.  A gentlemen who looked to be a manager, spent most of his time with a wide grin, leaning against a wall and playing with his phone.  Servers kept seating tables and sometimes taking orders.  Used tables sat with dishes and cups that were never removed.

Food rarely moved out of the kitchen.

Yet, the restaurant ultimately filled every seat even though food was never coming out of the kitchen.  

The Hungry Italian's food NEVER CAME.  After an hour and half, the meal was simply called.  We left, that was it.

Did the Hungry Italian express an issue?  Actually, a leisurely breakfast was expected and no complaints were voiced until around the 80 minute mark when the server finally came to apologize.  At that point, the table was leaning towards just leaving.  The server said the food would be coming right out and the table gave them a five minute warning.

The Hungry Italian did leave a $20 bill on the table, basically over paying for a coffee, some milks, a muffin and cookies.

Second Helping?  No, we will never be coming back.  It's extreme to say but perhaps the local Perkins needs to suspend operation for a bit.  Other local restaurants have closed for a few days as they suffer through issues.  Be open and honest and people will understand.

If you can't properly run a restaurant on a particular day...don't open!  Its better to do it right then do it terribly.


Final Score:  0 out of 5 cheese curds