Ramone's Old Fashioned Ice Cream Parlor 

Ramones Old-Fashioned Ice Cream Parlor


Has it been five years already? Once marketed as a throwback experience, Ramones has very much become a tradition in itself in downtown Eau Claire.  Even for those who may rarely visit, the location off Galloway Street feels like it’s been a directional landmark for generations. Seemingly “everyone” has visited Ramones at least once.

​Visited:  8/11/2021


Ordered:  2 scoops, Strawberry Cheesecake served in a waffle cone


Price:   $18 total for two adults and 2 kids


Entrée’:  Yes, the ice cream isn’t proprietary to Ramones.  The ice cream comes from The Chocolate Shoppe in Madison, an award-winning ice cream producer in their own right. What Ramones offers is the vehicle to get that ice cream and what you’re paying for is an emotion, an experience and this place has consistently delivered. Staff is noteworthily friendly and service is prompt.  The whole interior has a sweet smell, created by freshly baked waffle cones. As for the ice cream itself, it’s fantastic with a variety of creative concoctions and while Ramones offers things like sundaes, the flavors themselves are the star.

The place lacks interior seating and the back patio isn’t necessarily the most comfortable, but these negatives are washed away by the fact you have a hard time walking away from dealing with staff without a smile on your face. Visiting an ice cream shop is a mini-vacation and Ramones enhances that.

Second Helping?  If ice cream was as healthy as fruits and veggies, it would be a spot the Hungry Italian would visit multiple times a day!

Final Score:  5 out of 5 cheese curds