Randy's Family Diner
Randy's Family Diner

EATING ESTABLISHMENT:    Randy's Family Diner

DINING DATE:   Friday June 28, 2019

ATTENDEES IN PARTY:   3 (including 2 kids)

MEAL TIME:  Breakfast


ENTREE: The front foot isn't even passed the door frame and immediately this place screams "1980s Perkins" with it's wood interior, view blocking support beans and display case of pies. However, a dining experience is no different than an evening of art as all the senses must be used to get a true appreciation of what your soul is engrossed in. This is the type of place your grandparents deemed a "lavish" night out 20-30 years ago when eating out was reserved for the weekends and spending on restaurants was a guilt stricken experience for them.

So no this place won't have the look and feel of 2019 (more like 1989) but there is a key component. The smell!  Randy's maintains a clean, fresh, sweet smell one associates with a simple place.  With carpeting and old wood, it would be easy for a "dank" smell to consume the place but here the operators have made sure this place maintains a great aroma.

Randy's is a simple place with simple food popular for years in town.  It's like an old garden hose. Even as new options come on the market this one gives you no reason to replace it on your rotation.

Upon sitting in unassuming booths, you'll find  a basic menu befitting a breakfast joint. While it's fun to see "creative" items on menus and I'm sometimes compelled to try, I dislike places that try too hard and where the chef seems to have developed  a menu list out of some attempt to psychologically disrobe  from a coat of disapproval placed on them by a Cooking School mentor years ago. 

Breakfast is the comfort zone here though they do serve dinners including the standard Friday Fish Fry (which I'll bet my wife's flower garden that it's beer battered cod).

I treated my two kids on this day and they enjoyed individual children's menu orders of pancakes.  The value was good.  While large portions are craved on an adult plate, parents can sometimes be trapped by leftovers from their kids. Most times it ends up as dead money as they rot away in the back of the fridge.  Here, there seemed to be a good amount (one large pancake with bacon). Each kid had oreo cookie pieces mixed into the batter which was a nice touch and something different.

I ordered the cinnamon raisin bread french toast, a rather guilty pleasure choice but one I off-set with bottomless black coffee.  Note, your order doesn't come with anything (eggs or bacon) and I can tell that must surprise some because the waitress asked in a rather rude tone if "I'd ordered this before".  I found her tone to be unpleasant with that, but perhaps she's brought out plates before and had people surprised at the portion.  It reminds me of a fancy Italian dinner I had during my Honeymoon in which I order chicken parm and then had to listen to the waiter spend 15 seconds lecturing me on how pasta wasn't included and that he wanted to make absolute sure I was okay with that. 

Here I did add a side of bacon!

The portion size won't impress your eyes, but it'll fill you up and is good for breakfast.

A SECOND HELPING: Most likely.  I don't have any real urge to try the place for lunch or dinner. What puts this place on my rotation is breakfast. Picking restaurants is sometimes like keeping secrets among your friends and family. Some places you go to for lunch with the co-workers, others to dinner with the date and others to breakfast by yourself before work...and the three shall never intersect!