Roadtripz with Liz and Minz

Two friends who will take you around the region and introduce you to some of the fun people, places and events we have.

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Episode #9 Click Here to Listen

This week we are kicking off this July with some of Mindy’s latest adventures to O’Neil Creek Winery and Leinenkugel's Summer Kick Off. “The road to cocktails” are some of the most fun adventures to go on and especially make the time to stop in at some of these events this summer as well to kick your feet up and relax!

Episode #8 Click Here to Listen

This week on Roadtripz! Listen to Mindy’s latest adventures including Country Fest. If any of you are music fans, definitely check out Country Fest, Rock Fest, and Country Jam!

Episode # 7 Click Here to Listen

Where were Liz and Minz’s latest adventure? Due to Mindy having some car troubles she is unable to talk about some of their latest trips. Today Liz is talking about her recent adventure to Lake Wissota State Park. From her experience with these trails are for any level of hikers, from beginning to advanced!

Episode #6  Click Here to Listen

Liz and Minz have a day of fun in Menomonie. They start off in search of sandwiches and drinks stops at the Log Jam. Then its  a visit to Town & Country antiques to explore the vintage clothes and items and to play with the fortune teller machine. After shopping it was time for more drinks at Brewery Nonic and Lucette.

And we hear about aliens in Elmwood!

Episode #5  Click Here to Listen 

This week Liz and Minz had their latest adventure to the Chippewa Falls Mineral and Gem Show at the Eau Claire Event Center. Not just an educational event but the gals thought this event was definitely a “hidden gem”!

Episode #4  Click Here to Listen

This week on Roadtrips with Liz and Minz, their latest adventure is to The Brewing Projekt. Talking about “plants and beer and beer and plants!” The plants and beer event at The Brewing Projekt was one of their best trips yet! Where is Road Trips going next? The Chippewa Mineral Show

Episode #3  Click Here to Listen

First and foremost check out the new Facebook page Road trips with Liz and Minz. Listen to their latest adventure at the Artisan Forge event in Uptown Eau Claire. This time with Liz and Minz they got to interview different artists at this event as well. Stay tuned to hear where they go on their next adventure!

Episode #2  Click Here to Listen


On this episode Liz and Minz recap their latest roadtrip to Chippewa Falls for a pro wrestling event.  Includes conversations with a couple of the wrestlers and fans at the event. 

Then they discuss an additional adventure they had following the wrestling event, at a popular but "spooky" bar in Chippewa Falls.

Episode #1   Click Here to Listen

Liz and Minz are getting ready to explore all of what Eau Claire and Chippewa has to offer. Listeners are there to be a part of their adventures and figure out the fun places to go see that people have not gone to before! One of their next adventures will be a pro wrestling tournament on March 12th. Their goal is to get people out of the house and go explore some of the many foodie finds, picture perfect spots, and even some of the spooky spots!

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