Topper's Pizza

There is a reason standards remain bedrock members of any  area’s food scene.  It’s because they trade in the commodity of consistency and reliability and though they may get snickers and potshots aimed at them they’re mostly weakened blows taken from envious competitors. Chains are also incorrectly viewed as not being local, when in reality most are run by native residents and obviously employee those who live in the area.


Thus that brings us to Topper’s Pizza and a recent pizza night for the Hungry Italian and the family. With no shortage of choices, and a number of places the Hungry Italian approves of (and we’ll get to them all), the arrow stopped on Topper’s for a simply delivered experience. 


Visited:  8/14/2021  (via Topper’s Delivery from Clairemont Ave)


Ordered:  2 large pizzas.  One pepperoni and the other 50% green olives and 50% jalapenos.  An order of bone-in buffalo wings and medium order of Topperstix


Price:  $50


Entrée:  The Topper’s taste remains as consistent and reliable as always. It’s a brand that establishes itself among young adults for it’s late night convenience but is also a regular during less “chaotic” time periods too.  There is nothing extravagant about the flavor and the doughy crust can sometimes create quite the aerobic workout for those face muscles and the jaw but in the end, few are ever disappointed.


The pepperoni pizza provides no surprises.  The circles of oily dried meat have a proper amount of spice, enough to engage an older palette while not being over-powering to kids. The Hungry Italian has a soft spot for green olives on a pizza and Topper’s provides a good amount of the salty nib lets on each slice.  The only drawback may come from the jalapenos which can be very intense.  Topper’s doesn’t use some toned-down, milquetoast jalapenos that have had their bite removed. Oh no, these jalapenos come with seeds in tact and you’ll definitely notice them.


Jalapenos on a pizza can be a great experience, with a mix of heat immediately cooled by the cheese that engulfs it.  With Topper’s, if there is to be any complaint, they could scale back just a bit.  People ordering this pie aren’t looking for a culinary challenge, just a little ‘risk’ with their pizza night.


The Topperstix maintain the uniquely American tradition of having a sauceless pizza serve as an appetizer for the pizza itself.  There is no legitimate reason to order these things, but we all do and it’s one of the great food scams in the country that we all fall for (consciously, willingly and will go continue to do so).


The buffalo wings have their meat fall of the bone. The mild sauce is exactly that, very mild. 


Second Helping?  The Hungry Italian has pizza 3-5 times a month and though Topper’s does well…with so many options it takes some time to come back around in the rotation.  Topper’s is good, just not good enough to block others from entering in.


Final Score:  3 out of 5 cheese curds