Talking Trash with Boxx Sanitation

ECHM, in cooperation with Boxx Sanitation is ready to unleash a brand new podcast onto the unsuspecting Chippewa Valley starting this September.  Keep checking back for more details.



A shoutout to some local eateries...Josh discusses the rare times he wears business suits...and picture day drama for Sweeny's daughter...

  • The area's "best" street taco joint.

  • Josh’s friend Sweeny is shooting and eating backyard squirrels in Altoona ?!?!

  • The most decadent, extravagant thing you’ve ever eaten

  • Best spot for a steak in town (the gang gives a shoutout to Hooligans)

  • Last time Josh had to wear an actual business suit

  • Stressful times and getting through time

  • Josh hates raking, so of course we dive in

  • Picture day drama for Sweeny’s daughter

  • Catching salmon on Superior




Ball caps, vegan hunters and the oddity of rural North Dakota.  The gang has plenty to chew on...

-  The debut of an additional host

-  A discussion on the best type of ballcap  (trucker, low top, etc.)

-  How Josh and Sweeny almost accidentally killed each other on a hunting trip

-  Traveling to North Dakota for a hunting trip and running into"unfriendly" locals.

-  Facing a "legal" dilemma after a successful hunting trip.

-  How Sweeny is a vegan, but still hunts and still eats his own kills  (and other hypocrite actions he takes despite vegan claims)


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Scott and Josh sit town to discuss the humble beginnings of Boxx Sanitation and set the table for this unique podcast series.

- What is his podcast series about the about?

- Experiencing failure in your life and career

- Dabbling in various things

- The humble beginnings of Boxx Sanitiation

- The “Do Your Job” mantra and looking for “Eagles”

-  Finding weird stuff in the trash

-  The transition of Eau Claire


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