Every wander into any business and no matter the time or day or moment on the calendar you are almost always the exclusive customer?  On multiple visits it’s the same and though you enjoy the legroom and lack of any wait time, there is always that lingering question in the back on your mind?

What is wrong with this place that I’m not seeing?

That is the situation with the Hungry Italian and Wisco’s, a standard American type eatery that has been in operation a couple of years now after failed ventures in this Hastings Way location.  There are some things working against Wisco’s, such as the previous failures at this place and perhaps the fact it doesn’t really have an identity.  It’s neighbor being a rundown motel (though plans are in place to change that) doesn’t provide any help either, still it’s overall location is enviable for many other restaurants.

The food is good, the service not a problem…so what’s up?  Friday lunch, weekday evenings, Sundays.  The place never has had more than a couple tables filled at a time and maybe 2-3 people at the bar.

​Visited:  11/20/2021


Ordered Vegetarian Dream Pizza and Cheese Curds


Price:   $30


Entrée’  Walking in on a Sunday evening, the restaurant has a nice vibe too it even with the place mostly deserted.  Various neon lights and flashing televisions contrast with the darkness on the other side of windows that surround 3/4 of this wide open space.  Booths are aligned by the windows, with a handful of high top tables in the middle though mostly the seating is reserved to booths.  Some bar-like games such as shuffle board take up space and in a back corner near the bar there are two axe-throwing ranges. 

Upon entering, the bar is along the left and to the right its mostly wide open.

A faux-wood interior, covered with knick-knacks completes the imagery.

The Hungry Italian has visited this place before and like those times, his party was nearly the entire customer base during their stay.


That’s perplexing because the food here is good.  On this trip, the vegetarian pizza and an order of cheddar cheese curds was placed.  Service was quick and efficient. Drinks came out quick and the food was served in a timely manner.


The curds are nothing special, just the standard fair-style curds.  However, the vegetarian pizza may be the best pound-for-pound pie in the entire area.


The crust is a standard stretched dough that has been tempered.  The bottom is crunchy but the majority of the dough is pillowy providing a unique and very welcoming texture balance.  The red sauce is okay, but it’s the cheese blend that is outstanding.  This is a thick blanket of cheese sure to clog the arteries of an elephant.


The veggies are crisp and plentiful and very flavorful.


It’s an amazing pie with perfect flavor balance. 


Second Helping?  Definitely!  The veggie pizza is just one of a few “wins” the Hungry Italian has had at this place.  Why it’s never frequented by the public remains a mystery to this diner.


Final Score:  5 out of 5 cheese curds