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Emilie is a resident of Menomonie who simply wants to have you listen in on conversations she has with a variety of newsmakers in Menomonie and Dunn County

New Episodes Drop the 1st & 3rd Wednesday Each Month


Episode #24  Tim Nelson  Click Here to Listen

Emilie tells us about the business, American Edge, she and her husband built in Menomonie.  This property management company has been in existence for over 35 years.

That leads us to this conversation with Tim Nelson and the announcement that Tim is taking over as the new owner of American Edge.


So who is Tim?  A husband, businessman, collegiate athlete and military veteran. Listen to this podcast to hear his story.

Episode #23  Eric Atkinson  Click Here to Listen

Season #2 with Emilie begins! Eric makes a return visit to the cottage, but its his first time with us as the new city administrator.

Before we dive into his new role, we start with him discussing the tragic officer involved January 21st shooting in Menomonie. At the time Eric was still the Chief of Police in Menomonie and gives us insight into the event.  What has happened since and the way the department has assisted the officers involved.


After which, we then delve into his move to the city administrator role, a position he was selected for in March. He takes us into the process of going for the position and his mindset as the selection drew closer.


How is the transition going?


He also touches on the topic of getting more single-family homes built in Menomonie.

Episode #22  Chef Alan Bergo   Click Here to Listen

“I hate everything I’ve cooked except what I’m cooking right now”

Alan Bergo is a well-known, award-winning chef who focuses on foraging. Through this conversation with Emilie we here how he entered the food industry and his progression from Italian to French to “Farm-to-Table” and eventually his current passion.

We learn how a bout with Lyme’s Disease influenced his career.


Before winning awards and becoming well-known, he has experienced failures including restaurant closures and more. 

Episode #21   Representative Clint Moses Click Here to Listen  

Clint Moses is a return guest, updating us on items from the last several months.  Clint represents the Menomonie area in the Wisconsin State Government, tackling a number of issues. The focus on working on bipartisan legislation which is necessary with the split in party power.

- He educates us on the process to getting placed on committees.

- The political polarization that has existed for years.

- His thoughts on negative political advertisements

- Where he stands on the abortion issue, but also what truly is the feeling of his constituents.

- Thoughts on legalizing marijuana in Wisconsin

- Project Hope and potential statewide

Episode #20  Chris Kroeze  Click Here to Listen  

Yes, that Chris Kroeze joins Emilie to talk about his rise regionally and nationally. He takes us through his life growing up in Western Wisconsin to his rise to fame and how he has developed a steady career out of his passion.

Anyone who dreams of making a living doing their passion, this is a must listen.

- How it was his father who was his first guitar teacher.

- Who are his influences and who is he currently a fan of.

- How did the opportunity to compete on “The Voice” happen. We also get a glimpse into the behind the scenes and why it was a hassle (albeit worth it) to take part in the competition.

- His experience working with Blake Shelton on the show

- What he took home as a prize for finishing 2ndwill surprise you

- Discusses capitalizing on the appearance and his decision to stay in the region.

- Where he has gotten to perform overseas to perform for the troops

- The moment he turned into a full-time musician.

- What his schedule typically looks like and where his base is

Episode #19 - 2023 Let's Paint the Town  Click Here to Listen

It’s a full podcast as Emilie and her guests preview this summer’s Let’s Paint the Town event coming up in Downtown Menomonie in July.

The event will feature a flea market, children’ play area, craft demonstrations, food vendors and more.


On this podcast, the episode dives deep into the organizational process and how things are coming together. Also, a tie-in with the Red Cedar Film Festival.

Episode #18 - Scott Teigen VP of Kwik Trip  Click Here to Listen

Episode #17 - Phil Lyons Downtown Menomonie INC  Click Here to Listen

Episode #16 - Good, Bad & Ugly in Menomonie  Click Here to Listen

Episode #15 - Scott Montesano   Click Here to Listen

Episode #14  UW-Stout Chancellor Katherine Frank  Click Here to Listen

Episode #13  More Tainter Family History  Click Here to Listen

Episode #12  Tainter Family History   Click Here to Listen

Episode #11  Human Trafficking in Western Wisconsin  Click Here to Listen

Episode #10 Xcel Energy and HydroElectric Power  Click Here to Listen

Episode #9 - Stepping Stones  Click Here to Listen

Episode #8 - State Representative Clint Moses Click Here to Listen 

Episode #7 - St. Croix Hospice  Click Here to Listen 

In memory of Linda Stary

Episode #6 - Menomonie School District  Click Here to Listen

Episode #4 - Retired Judge Rod Smeltzer  visits  Click Here to Listen

Episode #3 - Menomonie Police Chief Eric Atkinson visits  Click Here to Listen  

Episode #2:  Menomonie Mayor Visits  Click Here to Listen 

Episode #1 Who is Emilie? Click Here to Listen  

Menomonie resident Emilie Wiese takes us to her cabin for relaxing conversations about what is happening in Dunn County and the area.

On this debut episode…

- Why a podcast and we describe the unique location of these recordings

- We learn about who Emilie is and her background that has included living in a variety of places

o How her time living on the west coast, influences her now

- Favorite things and spots around the area

- What can we expect on this podcast

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