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Emilie is a resident of Menomonie who simply wants to have you listen in on conversations she has with a variety of newsmakers in Menomonie and Dunn County

New Episodes Drop the 1st & 3rd FRIDAY Each Month


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Episode #46 Emilie Unplugged

Episode #45  Preserving Tainter Lake

Episode #44 2025 Let's Paint the Town Preview

Episode #43  Meet Local County Board Candidates #2

Episode #42 Meet Local County Board Candidates

Episode #41 Meet a Local Congressional Candidate

Episode #38  Introduction to new Private School, Summit Academy

Episode #37  State of the City with Menomonie Mayor Randy Knaack

Episode #35  Penny Burstad with Menomonie City Council & 6th Avenue Cidery  

Episode #33  A Menomonie pastor and his church   Click Here to Listen

Episode #30 Dave Schofield Director of Public Works in Menomonie   Click Here to Listen

Episode #29  Kristin Korpela Dunn County Manager   Click Here to Listen

Episode #28  New Menomonie Police Chief  Click Here

Episode #27 Megan Hines  Click Here to Listen

Episode #26 Terry Giertz  Click Here to Listen

Episode #20  Chris Kroeze  Click Here to Listen  

Episode #18 - Scott Teigen VP of Kwik Trip  Click Here to Listen

Episode #12  Tainter Family History   Click Here to Listen

Episode #8 - State Representative Clint Moses Click Here to Listen 

Episode #7 - St. Croix Hospice  Click Here to Listen 

In memory of Linda Stary

Episode #1 Who is Emilie? Click Here to Listen  

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