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A podcast series highlighting the people within the McDonell community!  Hosted by Molly Bushman, she brings on students, educators and community members to help bring you inside what is happening!

Check back Wednesdays for new episodes


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Episode #36  Click Here to Listen

Sponsor:  H & R Electric

Guests:     Ellie and Will


Jolie, a fifth grader in the McDonell school system is our special guest host. Special guest host.  She talks to a couple of kindergarteners at St. Charles for an adorable episode.

What are their favorite and least favorite things about school.  Ellie tells us the shocking thing she eats for lunch every day. Will talks about being the middle child in his family.

Episode #35  Click Here to Listen 

Sponsor:   Northwestern Bank

Guests:     Gwen Doyle and Eli Eddy 


Gwen is a third year religion teacher at Notre Dame Middle School who also has her own children in the system. Eli is an eighth grade student who is actively involved in the district, including student ambassadors.

How does faith play a role in both of their lives.


They detail a recent mission project.  How it was decided on and the process Gwen took middle schoolers through.


Faith and a sense of belonging.

Episode #34  Click Here to Listen  

Sponsor:  Mason Companies INC

Guests:     Lily Edison and Frank Rineck


While musicals have a long history at McDonell, plays are relatively new including the 2023 spring production of “The Inn Around the Corner” (April 27-29).

Lily and Frank are here to promote not only the production but the entire theatre program at McDonell.  Frank is a ’16 graduate of McDonell and has returned to be an English and Social Studies teacher. 


However, his experience in theatre is extensive going all the way back to when he was a kid.  


He has helped spearheaded expanding the theatrical offerings at the school. 


Lily is a sophomore, and the spring play is her seventh production with the theatre program.  She started in the ensemble and has worked her way up the cast list over the years. What is it about acting that excites her and the way it has benefited her off stage.

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