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                                          A McDonell Area Catholic Schools Podcast Series

A podcast series highlighting the people within the McDonell community!  Hosted by Molly Bushman, she brings on students, educators and community members to help bring you inside what is happening!

Check back Wednesdays for new episodes


Episode #20 - Mary Jacobson & Ann David  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

It's a throwback episode!  In honor of longtime educator Mary Jacobson's retirement at the end of the 2021-2022 academic calendar we go back to March 2021 and episode #1 of Mack Chat!  On this episode, Molly talks Ann David and with Mary about the student ambassador program she has developed and guided for many years.

Episode #19 - Graduating Senior & Retiring Principal  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN 

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Marcus Roach – Senior at McDonell

Brian Schulner – McDonell HS/MS Principal


Molly talks with soon to be graduating senior Marcus about his time in the McDonell school system. We hear about his participation in music and also learn about his involvement with the Altoona fire department.

The conversation then shifts to Brian, who is about to retire from his position as principal.  His memories and insight from a 40 year career in education. Oh, and we hear about his sportscasting background.

Episode #18 - Little Macks  Click Here to Listen  

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A group "Little Macks"  take over this edition of the podcast.  Joelle '30,  Greta '34 and Max '34 tackle all the hard hitting topics.  Including favorite colors, animals and more.  What they like about their teachers and things they've learned about their faith.

Episode #17 - Volunteering and Internships  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

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Laneyse Baughman – Senior at McDonell

Michelle Farrow – Chippewa Falls Area Chamber of Commerce


  • Michelle talks about the “schools to skills” program that shows students opportunities.

  • Laneyse discusses how this has benefited her as a student and provided direction to what career she’d likes to pursue.

  • Teaching students about not just careers, but how to succeed. 

  • The importance of trying various things through volunteering and internships to learn what you like (and what you don’t like)

  • The Job Fair

  • Preparing students to be a part of the community


Volunteer Chippewa Falls Facebook Page: Volunteer Chippewa Falls | Facebook

Episode #`16 - Academics and the "Mack Way"  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

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Ava Bushman – Junior at McDonell

Mary Huffcutt – Dean of Academic Affairs


Talking the basis for why McDonell exists and that is academics. We meet a student and what their goals are along with one of the people in charge of the educational principles at the school.


It’s not just a “public school education but with religion”


What are the nuts, bolts and pillars of the education here. This includes the fundamental principle of reading, and not just reading but truly understanding the literature. A dedication to the science of reading.


Why should parents send their children to McDonell for their education? What separates it from elsewhere?


From a student’s perspective, what is it that they enjoy at the school? The education and the faith element.

What is the “Mack Way”?

Episode #15 - Meeting Steve "Sir" Roesler  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Conversations with the people who make up the McDonell Area Catholic School Community


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Sidney Flanagan – A senior at McDonell

Steve “Sir” Roesler – A teacher who is retiring after more than four decades


Molly and Sidney talk with Steve about his career in education and share stories as he nears retirement. McDonell has been his only teaching job since starting in 1975 and over the time he has taught Western Civilization, Government, Sociology, American History and many others. Mostly social studies but also P.E. and religion classes.


We get the story behind his nickname “sir”. It involves a foreign exchange student in 1986.


How a passion another had for “hang gliding”, led to him coaching track.


Memories of Debbie Roesler


Sidney and Molly take us inside what a “Sir” class is like.

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