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A podcast series highlighting the people within the McDonell community!  Hosted by Molly Bushman, she brings on students, educators and community members to help bring you inside what is happening!

Check back Wednesdays for new episodes


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All in the Family  Click Here to Listen


Sponsor  Stelter Inc

Guests: Sean, Paula and Megan Hanson


The Mack Community feels like a family, and the school truly is a “family-experience” for the Hansons.  Sean is the band director at McDonell.  Paula teaches elementary music at Holy Ghost. Megan is a recent graduate and currently works at Holy Ghost.

How has the school, and their faith, shaped their relationship.

The interesting stories that led to Sean and Paula working at the school and why they elected to send all their kids here.


Sean and Paula also discuss their deeper dive into the Catholic faith that has occurred over the years.


The role music has played for them.


Focus on St Charles School   Click Here to Listen


Sponsor:  Thaler Oil

Guests:     Krista Misener – Kindergarten teacher at St. Charles

                  Jamie Dodge – Principal at St. Charles


This episode turns its attention to the St. Charles Preschool & Primary School. We meet the new principal and the perspective of a veteran educator in the building.

Jamie has been in the district in a variety of roles since 2016 and is now taking over at St. Charles. Her make-up that includes being an adopted child, a mother, wife and lifelong learner.  She also once struggled as a reader in her younger days and why that experience motivates her and helps in her current role.


Krista has 20 years of experience in education and is an alum of McDonell.  A lifelong career in education was sparked by a trip to a daycare center in college, thus shifting her off the initial path of interior design.


Introducing Students to Their Faith   Click Here to Listen

Sponsor:  Northwestern Bank

Guests:     Erica Boehm – Ministry and Mission Director

                    Father Alex Kren – New McDonell Chaplin

The first episode of the new season introduces us to the school’s new chaplain, who takes us through his journey to the priesthood.  His venture into the faith wasn’t one he assumed he go into as a child.


We learn how this former high school multi-sport athlete came to answering a call to devout himself to sports.  A divorce of his parents, lots of partying and a dark time in his life play a central role in the story.


Erica, a longtime staff member at McDonell, discusses the evolution of her position with the school. Her current position is a recently created one


Mission Service Projects  Click Here to Listen

Sponsor:   Northwestern Bank

Guests:     Gwen Doyle and Eli Eddy 


Gwen is a third year religion teacher at Notre Dame Middle School who also has her own children in the system. Eli is an eighth grade student who is actively involved in the district, including student ambassadors.

How does faith play a role in both of their lives.

They detail a recent mission project.  How it was decided on and the process Gwen took middle schoolers through.

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