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A podcast series highlighting the people within the McDonell community!  Hosted by Molly Bushman, she brings on students, educators and community members to help bring you inside what is happening!

Check back Wednesdays for new episodes


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Episode #28 Click Here to Listen

Sponsor: CF Products

Guests:   Rolly Enderes – Alumni

Angelo Enderes - Freshman

A father-son duo jump on the program covering a range of topics. Rolly discusses his various volunteerism involvement and giving back to a school district he is a graduate of.  He takes us through his path that includes starting and running his own company.

Angelo provides us with the student perspective, including previewing the upcoming


“School of Rock” Musical being performed by students on February 2nd-5th


Making the choice to send your child to McDonell


The various opportunities parents have to be involved.

Episode #27  Click Here to Listen

Sponsor: Mason Companies

Guests:   Megan Baier – Alumna and current medical school student

Brian Pauley  - Science Teacher

Talking science and medical education with a current teacher and an alumna of McDonell.


Megan is a graduate of the Class of 2018 who went to UW-Madison where she achieved a biomedical degree and is now a medical student at the university. While her focus has shifted over the years (from engineering to a career in medicine), her interest and passion started as a student at McDonell.


Part of the conversation touches on how Megan’s interest and career path was fine tuned and revised over the year. How a general interest area was sanded down to where he true passion is.


Brian is a life science teacher at McDonell, handling courses such as biology. He details his background and experience.


Episode #26 Click Here to Listen

Sponsor: Fries Financial Group

Guests:   Father Brandon Guenther & Father Ethan Hokamp

Molly welcomes a pair of Chippewa Falls area priests onto the podcast. They detail their path into the priesthood, which didn’t necessarily involve being from “super religious” families or other assumptions some may. We also learn what the path to becoming a priest involves.

How guidance from others influenced and helped them see God’s plan for them. Re-defining happiness from what they are thinking to what God’s idea is.


Father Hokamp discusses his passion for the Latin language


Father Guenther explains where his enjoyment and ability to cook French cuisine came from.

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