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Real Tru Talk presented by Keller Williams

A group of local realtors sharing fun stories of the real estate industry and the Chippewa Valley as a whole.  Hosted by Knelly Dettinger

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Episode #48 - Habit Stacking  Click Here to Listen

Laura is a certified health and wellness coach based in the Chippewa Valley who talks about “habit stacking” to achieve goals and live your best life. She is someone who lives what she preaches and conveys to the audience the path she took to improve her own health and well being. Including dealing with hiccups and things that derail progress that cause hope to be lost.

And why is it she doesn’t like the term “maintain”?

Episode #47 - 1st Quarter Market Update  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Knelly takes us through the local buyer/seller/investing landscape in the Chippewa Valley as we move through the first quarter of 2023. How does the national situation compare locally and what is this area’s micro-market doing specifically.

Episode #46 - Setting and Reaching Goals  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Knelly brings Sarah McCutcheon on the program. Sarah is one of the newest team members and she is here to not only be introduced to the listeners but also for a discussion on setting, and achieving goals.

For example, Sarah has set a goal of running a marathon in every state. They discuss establishing goals, reaching them and progressing from there.

Episode #45 - 5 Principles to Unlock Natural Gifts to Raise Entreprenurial Daughters  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

A great discussion about fostering an entrepreneurial spirit with your kids. Its a conversation that involves both local moms who juggle their careers and family, along with their daughters they’ve invited into their business.

Alyce Dailey, the author of the new book “Magic Mom” is the guest and goes through MAGIC which helps mothers create lives while leading their daughters to live powerfully.

Model, Affirm, Grace, Inquire and Coach

EPISODE #43 - Relocating to the Area & Buying Remotely  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Dillon and Cassidy, along with their one-year old son Nolan, come on the program. They recently moved from Texas and closed on a home in Eau Claire. Knelly talks to them about buying a home that they never stepped foot in. They take us through the process of having to “remotely house hunt” and the role Knelly and her team played. How they did virtual showings and they way that process played out.


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