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Simply recording and uploading a podcast is like throwing a marble in the ocean.  We want to help you reach the Chippewa Valley and make sure your area is getting access to your show!

Whether you're an individual, a non-profit or a business we want to work with you!

Starting, running and operating your own podcast program is very easy with Eau Claire Hometown Media.  There is no need to invest in hundreds of dollars of equipment or worry about all the "extras".  Just focus on what you want to talk about!

We can take care of everything for you!

- Recording

- Hosting

- Marketing


Having your own podcast allows you to connect with the community in a way traditional advertising can't.  Go beyond the "call-to-action" of a TV or radio ad and really dive into WHY YOU HAVE YOUR BUSINESS!  Interview local guests, discuss topics and promote what you want to promote.

Why Use You?

We are the area's centralized spot for local podcasts.  All of our podcasts are not only available on the standard services (Google Podcasts, I Heart App, etc.)  but our website received hundreds of visits daily and it's become the easy spot for people locally to come and find podcasts done by and for the area's population.

How Can We Work With You?

Very easy!  Simply contact us and we'll get the ball rolling.  For some clients we do everything and for others they simply need help with marketing and distribution.  We have a FLAT FEE with no hidden charges.

Contact Us Today

Scott Montesano

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