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Introducing the The Roast with Cabin Coffee

Presenting by the folks behind Cabin Coffee located at River Prairie in Altoona, this podcast highlights the individuals and organizations doing great work in our region.  Hear from the leaders of charitable causes, the minds behind the areas big events and the people looking to make a difference.

There will be coffee and plenty of laughs along the way.

Episode #3   Click Here to Listen


Kevin Schmidt – Local board member with Northwest Wisconsin Junior Achivement

Susan Peterson – Regional Director for Northwest Wisconsin Junior Achievement


We learn about a wonderful organization, Junior Achievement, and its regional presence which covers over 18,000 students.  Susan and Kevin explore the role JA plays in the educational process.  The way the organization brings real world experience into the classrooms.  The real-life, practical knowledge that Junior Achievement provides.

Why this is a wonderful experience for volunteers, who are able to give back simply by sharing their stories with area students.

The annual JA Heros Gala, which honors long time friends of the program, is coming up in November.

Episode #2  Click Here to Listen


Stu Cline is a local Army veteran, a Purple Heart recipient and a regular at Cabin Coffee.  With River Prairie the home of the Veterans Tribute Trail Memorial Kelly and Joe felt it important to bring on a person whom the trail honors.

Stu is an individual who has lived a full life and he shares some of his stories with us. Losing and regaining his confidence as a helicopter pilot in Vietnam.  Being wounded. Finding and flying in his helicopter years after the war had ended.


These stories will captivate you for the entire episode!


Episode #1  Click Here to Listen

On the debut episode of The Roast, Kelly and Joe discuss the five-year anniversary of opening Cabin Coffee.  They bring on the mayor of Altoona Brendan Pratt and City Administrator Mike Golat to talk about the growth that has occurred at River Prairie.

And being small business entrepreneurs, Kelly and Joe also bring on Brice Medin with Westconsin Credit Union and  Mike Dieckman with WBD (formerly Wisconsin Business Development) to go over the financials.

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