Stop by every Thursday morning as we debut a new episode.  Hosted by ECHM's Scott Montesano and Northwestern Bank's Jerry Kuehl, they bring in local guests to discuss local happenings while sampling some great beers.  Tune in to learn more about local topics and to also get their opinions on various beers.

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Scott Wolfe - Century 21 Real Estate

We're drinking a Gunpowder IPA from The Brewing Projekt and talking the local real estate market with Scott Wolfe from Century 21.  

First, Scott and Scott discuss the unique hair style (or lack thereof) they have, then we progress into the local real estate market.


-Where is all of this demand coming from that is driving up prices?

- Is the entire market 'hot' or is it only certain segments (ie: is it just single family homes or is it also townhomes, apartments, etc.)

- The fact that there is actually more supply available than people think

- Scott describes that moment he's able to tell a client that their offer was accepted.



Lona Cook - Cook Chiropractic Center

Lona Cook of Cook Chiropractic Center sits with Jerry and Scott to talk about chiropractic care, drink a Scotch Ale from Great Dane Brewery, talk about who she ended up back in Chippewa Falls.

Oh, and we hear a story about how she was once robbed at gun point outside of the country?!?!



Julia Nunes - Alice in Dairyland Interview

The current Alice in Dairyland, Chippewa Falls' own Julia Nunes.  From learning more about the day-to-day part of the job to asking what her favorite dairy product is.  We also find out if her friends ever ask if they can borrow her official sash and tiara.

Meanwhile, Scott and Jerry enjoy a Porter Style Beer from Sand Creek Brewing.



Season #2, Episode #15 - Wade Asher GM of Country/Rock Fest

Wade Asher, the GM of two of the area's largest music festivals stops by to talk about running the festivals, favorite memories, blending his passion for music with charitable work and of course we drink some Michelobs.

What changes can people expect to see this year?

The overall state of the music festival industry

What work do he and the seven full-timers do in the off-season

The Night for the Fight Charitable Event

And he takes us through the scheduling process


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