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Stop by every Thursday morning as we debut a new episode.  Hosted by ECHM's Scott Montesano and Northwestern Bank's Jerry Kuehl, they bring in local guests to discuss local happenings while sampling some great beers.  Tune in to learn more about local topics and to also get their opinions on various beers.

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Eric Anderson and the 2023 US National KUBB Championship  Click Here to Listen

One of Eau Claire’s favorite summer past times is KUBB and the area continues to be a national (and world) center for the sport.  The local “Godfather” of KUBB, Eric Anderson stops by to tell us about this summer’s National Championship which sold out in record pace.


Besides Eau Claire, where else is KUBB popular?


How much can KUBB grow?

A CEO of National Company that Moved to the Chippewa Valley  Click Here to Listen


Lee Caraher, the president and CEO of Double Forte, brings a unique vantage point of the business community of the Chippewa Valley. Her company was built in New York and San Francisco, but a few years ago relocated her family to our area.

She had roots in the area, but it wasn’t until she came her to visit a client that the move was made.


We also discuss marketing and her experience with clients across the country.  It’s a broad industry that goes behind ‘advertising’ but covers a wide spectrum.

Eric Rykal President/Brewmaster Modicum Brewing   Click Here to Listen

Our area has seen an influx of local craft breweries in the last decade and one of them has been Modicum.  One of the people behind the operation, president Eric Rykal pulls up to the table with Jerry and Scott to talk about the business, beer and more. What makes his beers unique?  What does Modicum mean? Why start his own business?

The challenge of standing out and what he tries to accomplish.

Where does the inspiration come from?

Traci Hollister - WIPFLI  Click Here to Listen


This week’s beverage of choice:    La Chouffe

 A lively conversation with a popular guest making a return visit.  Traci is a partner at Wiplfi who works locally and around the nation of strategic planning.  She is an active participant in a variety of local events and programs. A community advocate!


Her experience working with financial institutions, doing internal audits, also allows her to explain in basic terms what has been happening in the banking industry recently (i.e. Silicon Valley Bank). Some of the factors on the coast simply aren’t as prevalent locally.


Also the issue of getting talented people to work in the financial industry. Her comments can be applied to any industry in terms of adjusting our perspectives on attracting and retaining workers. Its simply not the same as it was 20 years ago (and 20 years ago wasn’t the same as 1980).



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