Stop by every Thursday afternoon as we debut a new episode.  Hosted by ECHM's Scott Montesano and Northwestern Bank's Jerry Kuehl, they bring in local guests to discuss local happenings while sampling some great beers.  Tune in to learn more about local topics and to also get their opinions on various beers.


September 17th


Scott and Jerry sit down with the "trash man" Josh Boxx from Boxx Sanitation and cover a wide arrange of topics during this fun interview.  Of course, they also enjoy a great beverage this time from the New Belgium Brewery...

- Josh's mantra of setting the tone for those who work for him by being willing to do anything at his company.

- The fact there is so much more trash since COVID-19 started

- The importance of being emphatic to other businesses impacted hard by COVID-19

- The fact that some businesses are actually doing quite well

- How the Chippewa Valley supports it's own

- Why he came back to his hometown after leaving college.

- The business "fallacy" of recycling you may not realize & that much of your recycled material still ends up in landfills.

- Things he wishes people would stop putting in the trash.

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September 24


We catch up with a former Wyoming ranch-hand and UWEC nursing student (but you may know him for his other line of work)...Michael Perry.  The famed local author and entertainer shares his wisdom and humor with us

- Mike gives us his beer drinking history (or lack thereof)

- His childhood spent on a farm and eventually living in Wyoming as a ranch hand

- How a creative writing class at UWEC set him on his career path as opposed to going into his planned nursing career

- Paying the bills vs. art and balancing that

- Are writers/artists a mirror to times in history?

- The work he wishes he could have back



September 3rd


It's a holy experience as we're joined Holy Ghost pastor Father Justin Kizewski discussing beer and it's historical ties with monasteries.  Drinking beer is truly a religious experience and Father is here to explain why.  

- How brewing was a way to afford to live for monasteries centuries ago

- Why a "liquid loaf" was essential during times of fasting

- His experiences touring Europe and why glassware is essential for Belgium brewers

- How beer, Catholicism and western culture are all tied together.

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August 27th


We're joined on this episode by Greg Hoffman, the current and longest serving mayor of Chippewa Falls. How has COVID-19 impacting the local government.  What has he viewed as the highlights of his tenure and what advice does he give to people who are considering running for local political positions.

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August 20th

What is the state and future of local media, and the free press in general?  Scott & Jerry are joined by Tom Giffey, the managing editor of VolumeOne. Topics include bias in the media, the changing landscape and the impact of the Internet.  He opines on those issues while they all enjoy a delicious Oatmeal Stout.

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