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Stop by every Thursday morning as we debut a new episode.  Hosted by ECHM's Scott Montesano and Northwestern Bank's Jerry Kuehl, they bring in local guests to discuss local happenings while sampling some great beers.  Tune in to learn more about local topics and to also get their opinions on various beers.

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Dr. Wayne Carroll: UW-Eau Claire Economic Professor  Click Here to Listen

This week’s beverage of choice: Brewery Ommegang Three Philosophers

What’s it been like to watch the economy goes through numerous waves over the course of a three-decade career. He touches on what is happening RIGHT NOW, including inflation and an explanation of what it is. There is more to it than seeing gas prices go up.


He takes a stab at guessing when inflation may have its rise tempered.


How educating young adults about the economy has had to evolve other the years.

Jenny Fesenmaier - Pablo Group Research & Development  Click Here to Listen

This week’s beverage of choice: Kwak Amber Ale


We learn about the Pablo Group’s projects both the ones that have been completed and some in the pipeline.  What are the goals and objectives they have?  As a developer in the area, what are potential customers looking for? What are the must haves?

She also answers the question; is downtown reaching a ‘saturation point’.  You have to hear her answer!

And what about affordable housing?

Mike Dandrea WEAU Meteorologist   Click Here to Listen 

This week’s beverage of choice: Moon Ridge Brewery Honey Brown Ale

Talking weather and the life of a television meteorologist with WEAU’s Mike Dandrea. What led to his interest in weather and his path to becoming a television meteorologist. His background in the military and where that took him around the world. Being originally from Pittsburgh, what are his impressions of the Chippewa Valley?

How early does he have to get up for a 4:30am show? And why he is a fan of the Winnipeg Jets fan.

Craig Toycen - Eau Claire Express   Click Here to Listen

This week’s beverage of choice: Lucette Farmer’s Daughter

The new owner of the Eau Claire Express joins the program to talk about his purchase of the franchise and the upcoming season.

- What led to his interest in purchasing the Express

- His background in being very active in the Chippewa Valley

- What changes should fans expect

- Balancing time between the Express and Toycen Ford

- Challenges the franchise faces

- The process of getting players

- His favorite spot to watch a game at Carson Park

- Thoughts on artificial turf at Carson Park

Tom Rocque - Rocque Ridge Guide & Outfitters   Click Here to Listen

This week’s beverage of choice: Sand Creek Badger Porter

Jerry and Justin from the bank talk with Tom about being a young entrepreneur.

- What led to his desire to be his own boss and why an outdoors company?

- Is his age a benefit or a detriment?

- How his military background has helped him

- His short term and long term goals

- What’s it like to transition from the not-for-profit to for-profit business world

- Advice to his age bracket starting a business

- Family involvement

Brandon Riechers - CEO & President of Royal Credit Union  Click Here to Listen


This week’s beverage of choice: Leinenkugel’s Northwoods Amber

- A recap of his 25 years with RCU and how his various roles helps him in his current position

- Differences between a credit unions and banks

- Importance of being a part of the community, including financial education within area schools

- The changing role of branches with more being done online

- His role as the leader of the Wisconsin Credit Union League

- Who are his mentors

- Serving rural and urban markets


Julie Nunes - Alice in Dairyland  Click Here to Listen

This Week's beverage of choice:  Bundaberg Ginger Beer

As her time as Alice in Dairyland is coming to an end, listen to her thoughts and reflection with this journey, including a milk chugging contest from a calf bottle!


Kimera Way - UW-Eau Claire Foundation  Click Here to Listen

This week's beverage of choice:  New Glarus Spotted Cow

The President of the UWEC Foundation discusses all the exciting additions currently going on, and those still to come with the university in the near future.  We learn a bit about her background, what she sees as some of the highlights since she came to town in 2001.

From Haymarket, to Pablo Center to Sonnentag and many other projects along the way (with more to come).


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