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Stop by every Thursday morning as we debut a new episode.  Hosted by ECHM's Scott Montesano and Northwestern Bank's Jerry Kuehl, they bring in local guests to discuss local happenings while sampling some great beers.  Tune in to learn more about local topics and to also get their opinions on various beers.

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Lindsey Everson - Leinie Lodge  Click Here to Listen

This week’s beverage of choice:  Captain Jack’s and Leinenkugel’s Juicy Peach

On this show, the emphasis is on beer as Lindsey is on the program and brings with her some of Leinenkugel’s offerings while also discussing the brewery.


Over 100k visit the lodge annually, so what are the most popular beverages that people want to try when they come to the lodge?


She introduces us to the all-new “juicy peach” and tells us the story behind the Captain Jack’s Helles Bock.


What are the trends in brewing and the craft brewing industry.

Jenny Almquist - Fierce Freedom  Click Here to Listen

This week’s beverage of choice:  Paulaner Oktoberfest Marzen

Jenny takes us through Fierce Freedom and their mission to combat sex and human trafficking in the area. It is in fact something that is here and does impact the Chippewa Valley. What does Fierce Freedom specifically do to help with the issue.

Also details on a local conference they are hosting coming up October 13th at Wild Ridge Golf Course

Charlee Markquart w/ Reboot Social  Click Here to Listen

This week’s beverage of choice:  New Glarus Moon Man Pale Ale

Charlee, along with partners, recently opened a unique  venture in downtown Eau Claire Reboot Social. An “arcade-bar” and he details the process that went into opening in town. Where they were introduced to the concept and why they decided to make the jump. Through the conversation we learn about entrepreneurship, hear some fun stories and have a good time.

He also touches on the car industry, as of course, his family has a long history associated with that business in the region.

Dr. Heidi Eliopoulos - Superintendent of the Altoona School District  Click Here to Listen

With a new school year here, Heidi is back to update us on not only the Altoona School District but education as a whole.  The morale of staff, students and the community.  The lessons learned from the pandemic, the topic of “learning loss” and the changes that are permanent.  The benefits of new technology that pushes education forward.

She discusses open enrollment and student capacity, the move to the Middle Borders Conference for athletics and more.