Check back here regularly for this podcast series focusing on dogs.  Hosted by the folks with emBark, the Chippewa Valley's premier and most trusted site for dog care and training.

Heather Mishefske (CPDT-KA, CBCC-KA), is a certified Professional Dog Trainer and Certified Behavior Consultant is here to answer all of your dog questions.

New Episodes drop every other Tuesday morning


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Episode #29 (1/4/22) - Jumping Up  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Heather tackles the issue of dogs “jumping up”. She dives into the behavior, which can be a big issue for many dogs and their humans.

- Why do dogs do it?

- Does saying “off” to your dog, or squeezing their paws, serve as proper responses?

- Using the “treat scatter” method to redirect

- Developing the desired behavior through predictable scenarios


Episode #28 (12/14/21) - Handling Large Gatherings for your Dog  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

We know holiday time can be stressful for adults. Well, it can be the same for dogs, especially if you are having lots of guests (strangers) coming over for gatherings. What should you know?

Heather is joined by Dawn Olson, another certified professional dog trainer at emBark. Dawn’s expertise is in managing the dynamic between kids and dogs and she provides some key points to whenever you have large gatherings (like at holiday time)


Tips on where the dog should be, hugging your dog and should you put costumes on your dog?



Episode #27 (11/30/21) - Loose Leash Walking  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Like taking your dog for walks around your neighborhood and need to use a leash? Or think of when you have to leash your dog to bring them to place (like vets or to grooming).  Well, that is a trained behavior for your dog and Heather takes us through the process to develop the best “loose leash walkers”

1) The human, not equipment, teaches loose leash walking

2) Defining what you want loose leash walking to be

3)  What type of harness Heather prefers

4)  What does 3AM have to do with anything?!?!?

5)  Define your “take out window”



Episode #26 - Humane Hierarchy:  Best practices to handle behavior   CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

1) What is this “hierarchy” and how does it apply? This is Heather’s tool box for working with dogs and improving behaviors.

2) Taking a holistic view of the dog

3) Changing behaviors by revising environments

4) Example of setting the dog up for successful behaviors

5) Using positive reinforcement with examples

6) Also positive punishment to stop behavior and does Heather see value in this

Application-of-the-Humane-Hierarchy-Position-Statement.pdf (ccpdt.org)




Episode #25 - Winter Fun for Your Dog   CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

- With colder weather here, things to do with your dog inside your home that benefits them

- Using things like “hand targets”, “chin rests” and “paw crosses”


Episode #24 - Door Dashing

It’s a safety issue and one that frustrates many dog owners.

- What to do if your dog is prone to rushing out open doors

- She takes us through building proper behaviors through reinforcements

- She discusses house doors, car doors and other “doors”



Episode #23 - Triggers and Thresholds

Heather takes up through recognizing when your dog is getting uncomfortable and what to do.

The fact that almost anything can be a trigger for a dog and what are the signs to look for

Learning how much your dog can handle




Episode #22  Canine Accessories 

Heather is telling us about her favorite canine accessories.  From a variety of self-feeders, to snuffle mats, to harnesses for walking and treat pouches she covers many items she recommends.



Episode #21 Lost Dogs of Wisconsin  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Lost Dogs of Wisconsin website


Episode #20  Preparing your Dog to be Left Alone  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN


Episode #19  Basics of Dog Behavior CLICK HERE TO LISTEN


Episode #18  Therapy/Emotional/Support Dogs  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Episode #17 Doggy Body Language   CLICK HERE TO LISTEN.

Episode #16 Hiking with Your Dog   CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Episode #15 Can Do Canines (& Prison Program)   CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Episode #14 More Myth Busting   CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Episode #13 Dog Training Myths   CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Episode #12 Unleashing your dog reactivity   CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

 Episode #11 Getting your dog to 'chill out'   CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Episode #10 Your dog's personality   CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Episode #9 Acupuncture for your dog  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Episode #8 Resource Guarding   CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Episode #7 Why dogs do what they do  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Episode #6 Socializing your Puppy in a Pandemic  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Episode #5 Enriching your dog's life  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Episode #4 Families, babies and Dogs CLICK HERE TO LISTEN



EPISODE 1  - Let's Get to Know the area's Dog Expert

On the debut episode of this series, we are introduced to Heather from emBark.  The podcast includes:

1) Her background and the start of emBark

2) The best part of working with dogs

3)  The basic dog tips she gives

4) Things to consider when adding a dog to your family

5)  The misconception of "Alpha" dogs

6) COVID-19 impacts on dogs.