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Check back here regularly for this podcast series focusing on dogs.  Hosted by the folks with emBark, the Chippewa Valley's premier and most trusted site for dog care and training.

Heather Mishefske (CPDT-KA, CBCC-KA), is a certified Professional Dog Trainer and Certified Behavior Consultant is here to tackle all things canine.  Heather owns emBARK, which provides ethical, evidence based and empathic dog training in midwestern Wisconsin.  Heather is also on the board of directors of her profession’s largest organization, the Association Of Professional DogTrainers.  Find her at

New Episodes drop every other Tuesday morning


Episode #54 Correcting Misinformation about Service Dogs   Click Here to Listen

What exactly are service dogs, their roles and the laws surrounding them. Many misconceptions exist and we’re here to clear them up.

Lydia Holen, a local certified service dog trainer, hops on this episode with Heather to cover the topic.


Service dogs serve a valuable purpose for those with a wide range of disabilities, allowing them to live with a degree of independence. Service dogs are trained to handle specific tasks based on the needs of their handler.


How do service dogs differ from therapy dogs.


Oh, and they explain the fallacy of “registering” your service dog.


And what rights do businesses have in questioning your need for a service dog? Businesses do in fact have a right to ask certain questions.

Episode #53  Noticing your dog's needs/wants better   Click Here to Listen

The similarities between human-to-human relationships and human-to-dog relationships are endless

A good human relationship is built on knowing your partner’s needs early.

The same applies to being a good dog owner.


Heather takes us through the importance of noticing your dogs needs/wants and ways to improve being on the lookout for them.


Observe! Observe! Observe!

Episode #52  Grieving the Loss of a Pet  Click Here to Listen

Athena Diesch-Chham is a clinical social worker in Minnesota who holds a specialty as a “veterinary social work”. She joins Heather to discuss the real emotional grief that comes with dealing with the loss of a pet.

Grief is not neat and tidy and its different for everyone. The grief that comes from the loss of a pet is very real.

Episode #51  4 Tips to Guide Your Dog Through the Holidays   Click Here to Listen

Heather takes us through a few helpful reminders to make this holiday season an enjoyable one for you and your dog.  Ways to help your dog with the change in schedules, guests coming over and dealing with more kids, etc.

Episode #50  What to Expect when Having a Dog   Click Here to Listen

Managing our expectations for dogs and why “letting go” of many pre-conceived thoughts and assumptions is important. Not all breeds are the same, but also remember that not all dogs within the same breed are necessarily the same.

Episode #49 Pocket Guide to Dog Treats  Click Here to Listen

The nuance differences between using treats during training versus giving your dog a snack at home.

Why you shouldn’t be concerned about giving your dog “human” food.

Think of the three “S’s” = Small, Soft and Smelly


Be cautious of how and when food is delivered, especially prior to an undesirable event.


Some of Heather’s favorites including Happy Howies and Pet Fresh

Episode #48  5 Dog Training Advices you Need to Let Go Of  Click Here to Listen

On this episode Heather goes back and tells us about some long-standing dog training advices that need to be let go of and/or revised. What may have been accurate 30 years ago isn’t necessarily the case now, with more data and more science available.

Episode 47  When to go see Who  Click Here to Listen

Episode #46 - Puppy Biting  Click Here to Listen

Episode #45 - Top 4 Things to do NOW to improve a dog's behavior  Click Here to Listen 

Episode #44 - Why I don't use Punishment  Click Here to Listen 

Episode #43 - Socialization of your Puppies  Click Here to Listen

Episode #42 - Arousal & Play & Excitement  Click Here to Listen

Episode #41 - How to Pick a Breeder - Click Here to Listen

Episode #40 - Summer Reading  Click Here to Listen

Episode #39 - 4 everyday dog behavior management tools  Click Here to Listen 

Episode #38 - Coat brushing, toe-nail care and more  Click Here to Listen 

Episode #37  The myth of the "normal" dog   Click Here to Listen

Episode #36 Fear and Anxiety Click Here to Listen

Episode #35 - Dealing with uncommon ailments  Click Here to Listen

Episode #34:  Crate Training  Click Here to Listen

Episode #33  The 4 Things Every Dog Should be Taught   Click Here to Listen

Episode #32 Surviving your dog's adolescent/teenage years  Click Here to Listen

Episode #31 Proper Training of "Bully Breeds:  Click Here to Listen

Episode #30  Meeting your Dog's Needs  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Episode #29  - Jumping Up  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Episode #28 - Handling Large Gatherings for your Dog  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Episode #27 - Loose Leash Walking  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Episode #26 - Humane Hierarchy:  Best practices to handle behavior   CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Episode #25 - Winter Fun for Your Dog   CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Episode #24 - Door Dashing  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Episode #23 - Triggers and Thresholds  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Episode #22  Canine Accessories  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Episode #21 Lost Dogs of Wisconsin  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Episode #20  Preparing your Dog to be Left Alone  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Episode #19  Basics of Dog Behavior CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Episode #18  Therapy/Emotional/Support Dogs  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Episode #17 Doggy Body Language   CLICK HERE TO LISTEN.

Episode #16 Hiking with Your Dog   CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Episode #15 Can Do Canines (& Prison Program)   CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Episode #14 More Myth Busting   CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Episode #13 Dog Training Myths   CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Episode #12 Unleashing your dog reactivity   CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

 Episode #11 Getting your dog to 'chill out'   CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Episode #10 Your dog's personality   CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Episode #9 Acupuncture for your dog  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Episode #8 Resource Guarding   CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Episode #7 Why dogs do what they do  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Episode #6 Socializing your Puppy in a Pandemic  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Episode #5 Enriching your dog's life  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Episode #4 Families, babies and Dogs CLICK HERE TO LISTEN



EPISODE 1  - Let's Get to Know the area's Dog Expert

On the debut episode of this series, we are introduced to Heather from emBark.  The podcast includes:

1) Her background and the start of emBark

2) The best part of working with dogs

3)  The basic dog tips she gives

4) Things to consider when adding a dog to your family

5)  The misconception of "Alpha" dogs

6) COVID-19 impacts on dogs.


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