Check back here regularly for this podcast series focusing on dogs.  Hosted by the folks with emBark, the Chippewa Valley's premier and most trusted site for dog care and training.

Heather Mishefske (CPDT-KA, CBCC-KA), is a certified Professional Dog Trainer and Certified Behavior Consultant is here to tackle all things canine.  Heather owns emBARK, which provides ethical, evidence based and empathic dog training in midwestern Wisconsin.  Heather is also on the board of directors of her profession’s largest organization, the Association Of Professional DogTrainers.  Find her at www.embarkdog.com

New Episodes drop every other Tuesday morning


Episode #38 - Coat brushing, toe-nail care and more  Click Here to Listen 

On this episode Heather discusses “husbandry”, a discussion sparked by what she has been hearing from clients. Its all based on cooperative care.

1) Tips for brushing your dog

2) How to care for you dog’s toe nails

3) Things to be mindful about when putting on a leash/harness to go outside

Episode #37  The myth of the "normal" dog   Click Here to Listen

On this episode Heather discusses the “myth of the normal” dog. While many of us have an idea of the common characteristics of dogs, the truth is every dog is different.

Be careful what your expectations are and where those expectations come from. What is the context you are seeing a behavior?

Lots of this revolves around social situations and the expectations and assumptions we put on what is normal vs. abnormal.


“Normal” can be viewed a number of different ways.

Episode #36 Fear and Anxiety Click Here to Listen

On this episode Heather discusses fear and anxiety in dogs. Its something many of us are familiar with from a human perspective but dogs also have the issue.

What are signs to identify along with the do’s and don’ts when it comes to handling anxiety with your dog

1) Identifying fear and anxiety with the dog. How it presents in a dog’s behavior

2) Do talk to a trusted veterinarian

3) Reading body language

4) Enrichment for your dog

5) Behavior modification

Episode #35 - Dealing with uncommon ailments  Click Here to Listen

Heather talks with Sara and Jim about megaesophagus in dogs and living with dogs that have this ailment. So what is this diagnosis, what does it mean for your dog and what does it mean for the human?

Overall, it’s a conversation about living with dogs that may have any new illness or medical issue. Especially ones that may not be what we would consider “common”

Episode #34:  Crate Training  Click Here to Listen

This is a skill every dog should have.

Whether as a new routine, or out of necessity, there is a probability your dog may need to be transported via a crate.


Heather, takes us through the why and when and little bit of the how. Whether the dog is a puppy or is a “old dog that need to learn a new trick”.

Episode #33  The 4 Things Every Dog Should be Taught   Click Here to Listen

Heather covers four areas that every dog owner should teach/prepare their dog for. Some of these are pre-emptive skills which come in handy when an emergent situation arises. Think of them as “insurance”. Having knowledge just in case it’s needed

- Using a Muzzle

- Going in a crate

- Being comfortable with another human

- Wearing post-surgical attire

Cooperative Muzzle Training video  : Teaching A Dog To Wear A Muzzle (Muzzle Training) - YouTube

The Muzzle Up Project : The Muzzle Up! Project | Muzzle advocacy, Education, and Training (muzzleupproject.com)

Episode #32 Surviving your dog's adolescent/teenage years  Click Here to Listen

Just like humans, adolescent and teenage years have their unique challenges. It lasts from when a puppy is just a few months old until they are 2-3 years old.

- What behaviors are prevalent among teenage dogs, such as impulsivity and focusing issues

- Why dogs get relinquished to shelters at a higher percentage during this time. It’s a hard time for both dog and human

- Heather explains the “why” behind the behaviors and the steps that can be taken. And that includes LOTS OF PATIENCE

- “Burning off Energy” is not a simple fix. Instead, its much deeper than that. Including rewarding desired behaviors with treat stations.

- Its okay to avoid things as opposed to forcing a behavior

Episode #31 Proper Training of "Bully Breeds:  Click Here to Listen

Brian Munro a certified dog behavior consultant in Minnesota, who joins Heather to discuss the proper training of “bully” breeds of dogs.

Why Brian eschews some training methods that lean on using “dominance” for these breeds. He uses more “reward based” methods.


The arousal level of “Bully” Breeds and how to utilize that in training desired behaviors


Helping these breeds learn how to be calm


What behaviors to capture when you first bring the dog home


Episode #30  Meeting your Dog's Needs  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

A subject that Heather is very passionate about as she touches on how expectations and genetics come together in dog’s behavior. Sometimes what we want, goes against what a dog is naturally programmed to do.

She breaks down her discussion by various breeds including herding, working and sporting.

How do you adapt, but still achieve desired behaviors.


Episode #29  - Jumping Up  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Heather tackles the issue of dogs “jumping up”. She dives into the behavior, which can be a big issue for many dogs and their humans.

- Why do dogs do it?

- Does saying “off” to your dog, or squeezing their paws, serve as proper responses?

- Using the “treat scatter” method to redirect

- Developing the desired behavior through predictable scenarios


Episode #28 - Handling Large Gatherings for your Dog  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

We know holiday time can be stressful for adults. Well, it can be the same for dogs, especially if you are having lots of guests (strangers) coming over for gatherings. What should you know?

Heather is joined by Dawn Olson, another certified professional dog trainer at emBark. Dawn’s expertise is in managing the dynamic between kids and dogs and she provides some key points to whenever you have large gatherings (like at holiday time)


Tips on where the dog should be, hugging your dog and should you put costumes on your dog?



Episode #27 - Loose Leash Walking  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN


Episode #26 - Humane Hierarchy:  Best practices to handle behavior   CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Application-of-the-Humane-Hierarchy-Position-Statement.pdf (ccpdt.org)


Episode #25 - Winter Fun for Your Dog   CLICK HERE TO LISTEN


Episode #24 - Door Dashing  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN


Episode #23 - Triggers and Thresholds  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN


Episode #22  Canine Accessories  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN


Episode #21 Lost Dogs of Wisconsin  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Lost Dogs of Wisconsin website


Episode #20  Preparing your Dog to be Left Alone  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN


Episode #19  Basics of Dog Behavior CLICK HERE TO LISTEN


Episode #18  Therapy/Emotional/Support Dogs  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Episode #17 Doggy Body Language   CLICK HERE TO LISTEN.

Episode #16 Hiking with Your Dog   CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Episode #15 Can Do Canines (& Prison Program)   CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Episode #14 More Myth Busting   CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Episode #13 Dog Training Myths   CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Episode #12 Unleashing your dog reactivity   CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

 Episode #11 Getting your dog to 'chill out'   CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Episode #10 Your dog's personality   CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Episode #9 Acupuncture for your dog  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Episode #8 Resource Guarding   CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Episode #7 Why dogs do what they do  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Episode #6 Socializing your Puppy in a Pandemic  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Episode #5 Enriching your dog's life  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Episode #4 Families, babies and Dogs CLICK HERE TO LISTEN



EPISODE 1  - Let's Get to Know the area's Dog Expert

On the debut episode of this series, we are introduced to Heather from emBark.  The podcast includes:

1) Her background and the start of emBark

2) The best part of working with dogs

3)  The basic dog tips she gives

4) Things to consider when adding a dog to your family

5)  The misconception of "Alpha" dogs

6) COVID-19 impacts on dogs.


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