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Dr. Usher Weighs In 

Dr. David Usher from ReforMedicine weighs in on a number of medical and health topics to help you and your family.

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Episode #7 The Doctor's Wife Weighs In  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN 

David’s wife Patti joins the program to discuss a variety of topics related to breaking down the conventional methods of medical practices. Why practices and individual doctors should consider leaving the “familiar” for a direct-pay method. What it has meant for David and Patti and what they have seen over the last decade plus.

Episode #6 - Workplace Healthcare Options  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

How employers and employees can save OODLES of cash by using a medical provider like ReforMedicine. A number of  local businesses already provide this option.

Ways employers and employees benefit from using a Direct-Pay healthcare provider. Dr. David Usher takes us through the highlights and what he and ReforMedicine have been able to provide for area businesses.  Why changes in health insurance a decade make this an option to strongly consider.

Episode #5 - Health Care Finances  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Diane Peterson, who oversees many of the aspects of ReforMedicne, talks with Dr. Usher about why she works with the practice. She has a unique perspective on healthcare and finances. She does a deep dive into modern healthcare finances and how we ended up here over the last 20 years.

Episode #4 - Mental Health Services   CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Angela Trapani a psychiatric nurse practitioner who recently joined the practice talks with Dr. Usher about mental health. Behavioral health and physical health are tied together.

Episode #3 - Medical Weight Loss   CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Obesity is a medical diagnosis and ReforMedicine has a program in place to help patients. What does it mean to have obesity and the approach ReforMedicine has. The typical patient comes with issues associated with obesity, including chronic diseases and stress.

Why its all about giving back control to the patient


What to expect when you join the plan.


Episode #2 - Intro to ReforMedicine Family Practice  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN


What is ReforMedicine? What is this practice and why its probably not what you think. Ever have a hard time seeing your doctor? Don’t feel you have a relationship with your family doctor?

Bettering the relationship between patients and physicians, while re-thinking the finances behind health care are the basis for Reform Medicine. Affordable care done in a better health care experience.


What services ReforMedicine offer and how a patient gets started

Episode #1 - Get to know your physician  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Dr. David Usher weighs in on a number of medical and health topics to help you and your family.

On this episode, get to know your physician. Dr. David Usher tells us all about who he is. Not only his professional life but we learn about his family, his hobbies and passions.


Why would he, or any doctor, leave a successful practice to try a different way of going things. You WANT to hear this.

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