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Local business owner Dan Marcon, the owner/operator of Marc-On Shooting, gives his unedited, common-everyday American's views on what is happening in the area and nationally as it relates to the Chippewa Valley

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Look for new episodes dropping on most Mondays


5/22  Click Here to Listen

Dan details saving his stepdaughter's teacher from alligators in Wisconsin...the importance of situational awareness and much more on this week's episode

5/15  Click Here to Listen


It is still Ladies's month down at Marc-On in Lake Hallie so listen in to hear those deals. Also listen in to hear all the events Marc-On will be doing in the coming weeks. They are still on the hunt and looking for a new hire so if you're interested be sure to listen and find out those details.

5/8  Click Here to Listen

Marcon is back this week filling you in on all the new merch coming in at the shop so check it out! Don’t forget that it is Ladies month at Marcon Shooting so listen in to find out those deals. Marcon is also letting you know the hiring details at the shop so stop in if you are interested in a job!


Dan Marcon tells us about himself. His small town upbringing, military background, his education and what has led him to now. Did you know he worked security detail for some well-known celebrities?

What is Marc-On Shooting and the business he has built.

He gives you a hint as to what the podcast will be about. He’ll be a straight-shooter (no pun intended) on some deep topics. Including political topics, local and a national.


He touches on some recent local issues he has been involved in and nationally gives thoughts on Afghanistan.

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