Local business owner Dan Marcon, the owner/operator of Marc-On Shooting, gives his unedited, common-everyday American's views on what is happening in the area and nationally as it relates to the Chippewa Valley

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10/2 Click Here to Listen

This week on Marcon Unleashed, Dan is back with celebrating his 1 year anniversary of this podcast! He is talking about many things to celebrate today including his birthday and more fun events! Marcon dives into some of the social issues he has encountered lately and he also is talking about some of the new sales that are going to be happening at the shop this month as well!

9/26 Click Here to Listen

He touches on birthday wishes, his health, seeing an old friend and much more.

Dan was at a political rally recently and he discusses hearing Tim Michaels and Ron DeSantis speak in Green Bay. Why Dan is excited about people

like Michaels and DeSantis.


And why he would have trepidation on seeing Donald Trump run for president again.

9/19  Click Here to Listen

Dan touches on the sudden passing of Eau Claire County Sheriff Ron Cramer…discusses a controversial gun law in New York that attacks the second amendment and impacts religious institutions…he also details a recent issue he had bringing his firearm into a local bank by accident.

9/12  Click Here to Listen

Dan talks about a fun Labor Day weekend that included activities, fun and even seeing a Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate. He also previews the hunting season and what the shop has for hunters. Get your ammo and have your guns looked at. Make sure you do it early!

8/29  Click Here to Listen

On this episode Dan talks about a visit to Glacier Lakes Grocery near Rice Lake off Highway V, where he came away with quite the surprise. He also highlights a Barron County Republicans event on Sept. 3rd.

And he talks about his goal of turning Chippewa County into a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary.


Dan Marcon tells us about himself. His small town upbringing, military background, his education and what has led him to now. Did you know he worked security detail for some well-known celebrities?

What is Marc-On Shooting and the business he has built.

He gives you a hint as to what the podcast will be about. He’ll be a straight-shooter (no pun intended) on some deep topics. Including political topics, local and a national.


He touches on some recent local issues he has been involved in and nationally gives thoughts on Afghanistan.