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Featuring sweet financial advice wrapped in glazed goodness.  This podcast will make you smile while also making you think of your finances in new ways.

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Cryptocurrency and Flying Cars  Click Here to Listen

The Money Donuts team meets with Royal team members Kaylee and Sophie to learn about cryptocurrency, including what it is and how it works. The group also discusses the implications of this decentralized digital currency for Royal and our Members and shares resources for listeners to learn more about the evolving world of crypto.

Catching up on Student Loans   Click Here to Listen

If you're wondering how higher education funding works, this episode is a great place to start! The Money Donuts team is joined by Royal's private student loan expert Shae to discuss some student loan basics. We cover the differences between federal and private student loans, share answers to common student loan questions, and more.

Real World Fraud & Scam Stories  Click Here to Listen 

Think scams and fraud only happen to others? This Money Donuts® episode features Karen and Zac from Royal's Fraud team sharing real-world stories that will have you thinking twice! Besides these local scam stories, the team shares tips for keeping you and your family safe and explains how Royal helps victims recover.


The Sconny Co  Click Here to Listen 

Royal Business Member and Sconny Co founder Ethan joins the Money Donuts® team to discuss how he got started with his unique business. From coming up with the idea to getting buy-in from friends and family, Ethan shares his experience with writing a business plan, marketing, accounting, and opening a business banking account. He also offers some great advice for others looking to launch their own businesses!



Talking Real Money with the CFO  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Steve and James sit down with Royal’s Chief Financial Officer Jon to get his insights into credit unions, rates, the economy, and donuts in this timely episode. Between explaining how credit unions exist to help Members and a quick economics course, Jon also shares his favorite donut and some thoughts about how to prepare for the future.

Tips for Job Seekers & Selling Yourself  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

James, Cooper, and Steve join Joe and Danielle from Royal's Talent Services team to discuss tips for selling yourself, applying for jobs, and finding new career opportunities. Even if you're not looking for a career change right now, this episode has some great information about best practices for future job seekers and the current job market.

Ana Explains Her Budgeting System   CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Royal team member Ana joins Money Donuts® to talk about her budgeting system, which uses separate accounts for different categories of expenses! Ana also shares her journey to finding a budgeting system that works for her as a 21-year-old college student. Listen now to learn how Ana budgets and get some great money management tips that can apply to almost any situation!

Behind the Scenes with Underwriting   CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

The Money Donuts® team takes you behind the scenes with guests Chris and Rikki from Royal’s consumer loan underwriting team! We’ll take a look at Royal’s underwriting process, review credit score basics, and then get our guests’ expert insights into the best ways to take care of your credit and more.