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Featuring sweet financial advice wrapped in glazed goodness.  This podcast will make you smile while also making you think of your finances in new ways.

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Its Time for a Collections Reality Check  Click Here to Listen


Collections means so much more than just past-due payments! The Money Donuts® team meets with Kevin, Anthony, and Mitch from Royal’s collections to team to learn how they help borrowers understand their options to bring loan payments current, adjust to changing circumstances, and build sustainable budgets.

Financial Wellbeing and National Credit Union  Click Here to Listen

The Money Donuts® crew discusses financial wellbeing (and fritters) with Gigi Hyland from the National Credit Union Foundation! Learn about the NCUF and how it supports credit union efforts for the benefit of credit union Members, plus review how credit unions like Royal are playing a key role in achieving financial wellbeing for all.

At Your Service; A Branch Manager's Perspective  Click Here to Listen

The Money Donuts® crew learns how Royal provides a full-service experience in our offices from branch manager Nicole. Besides discussing our favorite office perks, we talk about Royal’s unique level of service and the life-long connections that our office teams create with our Members. From educating people about fraud and credit to helping them with life’s milestones, Royal is creating a positive impact for our Members, and our offices are where those caring connections happen in person!

What is Happening with Home Loans  Click Here to Listen

James and Steve talk with Deb and Jacob from Royal’s mortgage team to learn if now is a good time to be in the market for a new home. They also discuss expectations and realities during the mortgage loan process, share tips for preparing to buy or refinance a home, and consider Steve’s stay-or-move home dilemma. This episode is packed with information for just about anyone, not just homebuyers!

What is Financial Wellness and How Can I Get it?  Click Here to Listen 

The journey towards financial wellness looks different for everyone. Join the Money Donuts team as they discuss how you can assess your financial wellbeing and different tools you can incorporate into your daily money habits to set you up for success. James, Cooper, and Steve also settle the debate on the proper way to pronounce the name of the beloved donut, the cruller!

Benefits to Business Treasury Management  Click Here to Listen

The Money Donuts® team takes a closer look at business services, business treasury management offerings, and business relationships at Royal. Becky, Royal’s treasury management officer, guides listeners through all things business services, with help from Karlee, a leader on Royal’s business banking team. Steve also shares an update on his Plant Buddy business idea!

Internships & The Corporate Learning Curve  Click Here to Listen


Jack and Lauryn, two of Royal’s current interns, join Cooper, Steve, and James to share their insights into internships! This Money Donuts® episode covers internship experiences at Royal, the corporate learning curve, career aspirations, and much more. Listen to this episode to learn about the unique opportunities that an internship can offer!

Certificates Click Here to Listen

 The latest podcast from the Royal Credit Union team

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