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Our Current Team

Scott Montesano - Owner and Operator

Ben Peterson - Podcast Manager

Kaityln Riehle - Podcast Manager

Kevin Aguallo - Technical Support

When Did You Start?


Eau Claire Hometown Media started in May 2019 with the debut of "Talk of the Town". At the time, that podcast ran four new episodes a week and was a 60 minute show that featured interviews.  Over time, that show decreased its number of drops weekly as separate podcasts started.  Boxx Sanitation, Northwestern Bank and emBark were the first to trust us with creating a podcast for them and since then over 75 businesses, non-profits, government agencies and individuals have come on board.

What is This?

Hey, good question.  We aren't on the radio dial but even better. We're online 24/7 whenever you want to listen.  This is a podcast site, the first to be 100% dedicated and invested in the Chippewa Valley.  Each of our programs is produced locally and aimed at a regional audience.

Our Mission and Objective

Provide a place for people to go beyond "sound bites" and media clips to really dig deep into what is happening in the area.  This includes both serious topics but also the good and silly.  Not only discussion of city policies, but also promotion of local events, fundraisers and oft-forgotten and taken for granted happenings. We provide a way to connect local organizations and businesses with the public in a way that goes beyond slogans.

Making Podcasting Easy

We are the CENTRAL SPOT for all local podcasts.  There are many businesses and individuals in the area who currently do their own podcast.  Did you know that?  We bet you didn't.  

It's our mission to make this the spot people gravitate towards to listen to podcasts created and developed right here in the Chippewa Valley.

Start Your Own Podcast by simply e-mailing us today

Eau Claire Hometown Media was created in the spring of 2019 by Scott Montesano. with the goal of providing local news, local discussion and local entertainment.

100% of the Eau Claire Hometown Media podcasts are focused on Eau Claire and the general Chippewa Valley area.

If you have a show idea we are ALWAYS interested.  Contact us right away with your suggestions by e-mailing us.

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