What is This?

Hey, good question.  We aren't on the radio dial but even better...we're online 24/7 whenever you want to listen.  This is a podcast site, the first to be 100% dedicated and invested in the Chippewa Valley.  

Our Mission and Objective

Provide a place for people to go beyond "sound bites" and media clips to really dig deep into what is happening in the area.  This includes both serious topics but also the good and silly.  Not only discussion of city policies, but also promotion of local events, fundraisers and oft-forgotten and taken for granted happenings.

Making Podcasting Easy

We are striving to be the CENTRAL SPOT for all local podcasts.  There are many businesses and individuals in the area who currently do their own podcast.  Did you know that?  We bet you didn't.  

It's our mission to make this the spot people gravitate towards to listen to podcasts created and developed right here in the Chippewa Valley.

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Our Current Line-Up

This site was launched in the spring of 2019 as an all-new media platform in the Chippewa Valley.  There is a "desert" in terms of local issues and discussion in area media.  No area radio station has a daily local-affairs program and while area newspaper and television outlets do an admirable job bringing the issues to the public, the citizenry has no place to massage and deepen their opinions.

Thus, our "Talk of the Town" program was launched as our 'flagship' podcast.  This podcast drops three-days a week, discussing local issues.

The idea isn't for us to make you think a certain way, but instead to develop and deepen your own idea concerning a local issue.



Eau Claire Hometown Media was created in the spring of 2019 by Scott Montesano. with the goal if providing local news, local discussion and local entertainment.

100% of the Eau Claire Hometown Media podcasts are focused on Eau Claire and the general Chippewa Valley area.

if you have a show idea we are ALWAYS interested.  Contact us right away with your suggestions by e-mailing us.


Produced in partnership with Northwestern Bank, this is a fun 30-minute weekly podcast that chats with local newsmakers while having a tasty beverage.

We sit down with representatives of both Northwestern Bank, along with personalities in the area to learn more about them and their organization.  And yes, it's all done while drinking a beer.

Guests have included the likes of city leaders from Eau Claire & Altoona....the UWEC Chancellor...local business representatives...local school superintendents and many others.


Our bi-monthly podcast dedicated to the local music scene.  Hosted by local musicians...for local musicians.  We tackle issues impacting the local music scene and venues.

And yes, some samples get played as well.



This bi-monthly podcast is hosted in partnership with Ramones Old Fashioned Ice Cream Shoppe in downtown Eau Claire. 

Each episode highlights a different charitable organization or agency in town.  Why does the organization exist and what are they doing to better our community.


This bi-monthly podcast is hosted in partnership with Chip Magnet Salsa and focuses on all the great small businesses in the area.

Each episode highlights a different small business in the area as we hear their story.  What are their goals, the challenges they face and what advice do they have for others looking to follow their passion.

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Join Jane, Jerry & Scott as the introduce us to the people and places that make Eau Claire a unique place to live.

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A podcast series focusing on raising a family in the Chippewa Valley.  Hosted by local dad Patrick Davy and his kids, this is down to earth discussion on the real, everyday issues facing families in the area.

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The podcast for dog lovers produced by the area's most trusted site for doggy day care and doggy training location.




Hear a variety of local sermons and music within this special podcast series.  This is the podcast that professes love and wants to share feeling and excitement with the entire Chippewa Valley.




Be introduced to this great local organization by hearing the stories of the children impacted and the volunteers who share their time.  This is the perfect podcast to listen to for motivation and to help you get through that long work day


The Quick Serve Podcast presented by Toycen will feature a number of short conversations and interviews concerning car care and the community.




Bill Bertrand and Chippewa Valley Mazda bring their community focus to the podcast world with the new Drive the Valley series.




West Wisconsin Play by Play, LLC

2010 Hatch Street

Eau Claire, WI  54701