Let the Kids Play Podcast Series

A podcast series that gets a kids perspective on sports.  From what is happening at the pro level to thoughts on the latest trends in youth competition.  Scott Montesano, the area's longtime voice of local sports, is joined by his son Derek on this new podcast series.

Enough with hearing adults talk sports.  Let's get a kid's perspective!

From pro sports opinions to thoughts on youth sports.  The unfiltered and brutually honest thoughts of a kid who doesn't have an agenda, ego or sponsors to keep happy.



Get the kid's perspective on sports. Derek, a member of the EC Youth Hockey Association, tells us the impact Hobbs' restrictive measures have had on teams.

Plus, he gives us the simple, straight-forward predictions to this weekend's NFL games that we wish adult commentators would do.


Give us 10 minutes, we'll give you all the sports talk you need for the weekend!



Derek tells us his favorite sports and why.

He also breaks down the first-ever Super Wild Card Weekend in the NFL including whether his beloved Chicago Bears' will upset New Orleans.


And, he tells Joe Douglas what he should do for the NY Jets' with Sam Darnold and their 2nd pick in April

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