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Introducing the Northern Wisconsin State Fair Talk Podcast

Join the Association's Executive Director, Ramblin' Rusty, on a variety of topics related to business, agriculture, community, and fun!  More than 100,000 attend the Northern Wisconsin State Fair and the Fairgrounds is host to multiple events year-round.  Give this podcast a listen and learn more at or engage on our Northern Wisconsin State Fair Facebook page.

Check back on Thursdays for the latest episodes

Future Plans & Dreams for the Horse Arena  Click Here to Listen

Past & Future Challenges for the Fair  Click Here to Listen

Vacations Bring Creativity & Past/Future of Grandstand  Click Here to Listen

Winter Planning & Winter Events at the Fairgrounds   Click Here to Listen

Various Uses for the Grounds  Click Here to Listen

 2023 Fair Recap   Click Here to Listen

Meeting the Junior Ambassadors II  Click Here to Listen  

 Meeting the Junior Ambassadors I  Click Here to Listen

Changes (and what is staying the same) with the 2023 Fair  Click Here to Listen

Fairgrounds History and Background Click Here to Listen

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