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Introducing the Northern Wisconsin State Fair Talk Podcast

Join the Association's Executive Director, Ramblin' Rusty, on a variety of topics related to business, agriculture, community, and fun!  More than 100,000 attend the Northern Wisconsin State Fair and the Fairgrounds is host to multiple events year-round.  Give this podcast a listen and learn more at or engage on our Northern Wisconsin State Fair Facebook page.

New Episodes Drop the 2nd at 4th Wednesday of the month

A Rep from the 4-H Club Explains its Role and Purpose Locally


What does the fair mean to the Community


Safety at the Fair


The History of the NWSFA


Bringing Entertainment to the Fair: How Does it Happen


Meet the Fairest of the Fair

2024 Grandstand Announcement

Vacations Bring Creativity & Past/Future of Grandstand  

Meeting the Junior Ambassadors II    

 Meeting the Junior Ambassadors I  

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