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Contact or call Scott at 315-292-0064 for a free quote on your project


Eau Claire Hometown Media is proud to announce we’re expanding our offerings and making a  marketing and branding avenue MORE AFFORDABLE for small businesses. 

We are now offering voice-over work and video services.



Audio Commercials – We’ll record audio commercials to use on radio, television, podcasts, websites and more.


                               $150 per commercial script.

In-House Voice Work – We’ll voice your office on-hold message, the phone directory, announcements over in-building speakers and more.  Wherever you need a voice, we are your go to place!

                              $200 per project

Sports Team Announcing

Give your youth sports team a special memory by using us to do the in-game public address announcing.  We’ll announce starting line-ups, emcee awards ceremonies and anything in between. Whether it’s a tournament game or just something special for the kids.  We’ll do everything from T-Ball all the way to a teenage gymnastics awards announcement.

               $150 for up to three hours in person

                              Add (0.50) per every mile beyond 25 miles from Eau Claire

               $75 for pre-recorded projects (i.e., pre-record starting line-ups)

Emcee/Speaker Work

We’re your source for talent to lead your next area banquet, fundraiser, special event and more. 


$150 for up to three-hours (rate is negotiable for events that are for and/or benefitting non-profit organizations)


Promotional Videos

No need to spend thousands of dollars on a marketing company or purchase expensive equipment.  We'll put together effective promotional videos for your organization to use on social media for multiple purposes.

We’ll put together a :30 second video for you!

  • Video promoting your business to post on social media or your website

  • Video that can be used in television advertising

  • Video to use at a sports team banquet

  • Anywhere else you’d like a video


$300 for (1) :30-second video includes optional voice-over work too


$850 for (3) :30-second videos includes optional voice-over work too

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