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Kathy Wright brings the excitement of this legendary music festival to the podcast platform.  Check back every other Tuesday for new episodes featuring conversations and interviews with a wide variety of people involved in making this annual event take place.

2023 Event, July 21-23.  For tickets and details click here

The Medical Tent  Click Here to Listen

Kirk Gunderson, operations supervisor with Mayo Ambulance Services,  helps to oversee the paramedic team and the overall medical safety of attendees at County Jam annually.  He has been actively involved with Country Jam nearly every year of its existence, going all the way back to the Shake Rattle & Roll days.

Among the many people that work behind the scenes, the individuals that focus on the medical operations for what is a small city for a weekend, is uber important!


We learn what all goes into creating a temporary entire emergency response system for the Country Jam site. And why their efforts on site, help the overall medical ecosystem in the area for permanent residents.


What are the most common issues? Hint…it involved cowboy boots.


Oh, and we find out what type of donut is so desired by Kirk, he doesn’t hesitate to throw his body into people to make sure he gets it!


Kathy also tells the story of how Kirk saves her from a bee sting on the butt.

Discussing the New Jam Site  Click Here to Listen

Christian Peterson with Cedar Falls Building Systems is the guest.  He is the project manager for Country Jam’s new site and has been involved in everything from design to the current fulfillment of the project.

With the new site coming this July, Christian and Kathy talk about the excitement around it. Including what this new location will have in terms of amenities and spectator-friendly additions.

Benny Anderson w/ Visit Eau Claire  Click Here to Listen

Benny Anderson, the Executive Director of Visit Eau Claire, sits with Kathy Wright discussing Jam and its natural tie-in to tourism in general in the area.

- Benny clues us in on who he is the most excited to see at the July 2023 event.

- They both discuss some of their favorite artists, especially some of their “first loves” in music.

- Benny details the “Curd Crawl” and the two discuss the culinary delicacy that has its devoted local base.

- The overall music scene in Eau Claire that includes both big and smaller events

- The impact of the Pablo Center bringing in new events while still giving local groups a spotlight

- They both talk about their experiences with the Silvermine Ski Jumping event and discuss all there is to do in the region in the coming winter months.

- And the Osseo area gets love

2023 Jam Line-Up Announcement    Click Here to Listen 

On the debut of this new podcast series presented by Country Jam USA in Eau Claire, WI,  General Manager Kathy Wright takes us through the announcement of the acts that will be performing in 2023.

Remember, Country Jam 2023 is July 21-22 and for tickets and other information visit Country Jam USA | Country Music Festival | Wisconsin | Minnesota (