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Innate Life Reclamation  

Join Dr. Cook and Dr. Danny as they give guidance and advice for your health and mind. Start your week or day off with a game plan...

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New episodes drop every other Monday morning

Season 2 Episode 7  Click Here to Listen


Babies! Babies! Babies!

Two local mothers and chiropractors talk about motherhood and health for mommy & kids


Pregnancy, labor and nursing with Dr. Anderson and Dr. Lona

Season 2 Episode 6  Click Here to Listen

OILS~! In this episode Dr. Lona talks with Jody Kranig about holistic alternatives and essential oils!

Season 2  Episode 5  Click Here to Listen

In this episode, Dr. Lona talks to Shannon Crandall from Massage in Motion in Chippewa Falls, about cupping, self-care and massage, and more!

Season 2 Episode #4 Click Here to Listen

Myofascial work, infrared sauna, float sensory deprivation tanks and more are discussed with Carla Cooper from Zaniya

Season 2  Episode #3  Click Here to Listen

Dr. Danny interviews Amanda Haines on the well-being of our school aged kids and how to see them for their potential! Find Dr. Amanda at On-site Chiropractic in Chippewa Falls

Season 2 Episode #2   Click Here to Listen

Dr. Lona interviews Jen Sherbinow from Just Jen Fitness - located in downtown Chippewa Falls on strength and movement and mental health.

Find Jen at Just Jen Fitness

Season #2 Intro   Click Here to Listen

Dr. Danny and Dr. Lona intro season 2 and the focus on health and well-being in the Chippewa Valley

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