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Innate Life Reclamation  

Join Dr. Cook and Dr. Danny as they give guidance and advice for your health and mind. Start your week or day off with a game plan...

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New episodes drop every other Monday morning

Season 3  Episode 1  Click Here to Listen


Dr. Lona and Dr. Danny introduce Season 3 of their podcast series.

The doctors talk about how to create true change and health transformation from not being able to stand and enjoy life, to weight loss, more energy and vitality! 

Season 2 Episode 13  Click Here to Listen

Dr. Lona talks with Kellie Cook, owner of the new Yoga Plant, on yoga and breathing and healing for any level! 

Season 2 Episode 12  Click Here to Listen

Tune in this episode to explore another amazing conversation. Certified reflexologist, Intrinsic coach, health facilitator and a great mentor Jody Maureen of the Magical woods helps us remember what it is to heal from within. With decades of experience and lessons along the way she shares her knowledge to help us all get recentered and offers great take-aways on simple steps for us all to implement.

Season 2 Episode 11   Click Here to Listen

Dr. Danny and Dr. Ashley discuss innate healing from a chiropractic and moms perspective. Dr. Ashley is a great resource when it comes to pediatrics and pregnancy. How to start the shift to helping our moms and kids realize how incredible our body is and the potential for it to heal naturally. Enjoy

Season 2 Episode 10  Click Here to Listen

In this episode; making a complex topic simple. Dr. Danny is joined by Dr. Alex Paul to talk about nutrition and more specifically how to make it easy.  if you’re looking for a great place to get starting in changing your diet this episode is for you

Season 2  Episode 9  Click Here to Listen

On Nursing...Dr. Lona goes over some insights on breastfeeding and the health and well-being of mom and baby!

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