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Wisconsin running stories & insights! Adam and Alicia are a husband-wife team, owners of Blue Ox Running Store, and love to get into all the reasons why people are active.

"We're the same, but different" and "fast or slow, LETS GO!" are common themes around the store. While owning and operating their family-owned business in Eau Claire, WI they come across stories of fast runners, slow runners, walkers, and everyone in between.

This podcast is here to share those stories, help educate, have fun, and build community (worldwide!) from our little corner of the Midwest. On Wisconsin! MOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Off-Season with Brent  Click Here to Listen

It's winter .... kind of. What a strange off-season this year, let's talk about it! Today's episode we talk with special guest Brent Wathke (one of our coaches!) about structuring the year, off season activities, cross training, "running age", but also ... hockey, manatees, and getting jacked!

Happy Birthday  Click Here to Listen

It's our 6th birthday episode! Listen (or better yet, watch on YouTube) us recall how crazy, fun, and sometimes incredibly stressful the last six years have been starting a business and growing downtown Eau Claire. Vote for an event you want us to BRING BACK sometime in the next year at the form ... ⁠

Transition & Turning 40  Click Here to Listen

This month we're discussing what it means to have life move fast, grow older, adjust expectations, and what has changed (or stayed the same) in our running journey!

Both Adam and Alicia turned 40 years old this year and they each took some time to adventure ... in completely different ways - from the Grand Canyon to the Boston Marathon. Join us in processing change and how running / activity can be a great touchpoint for the other things that are actually (much more) important.

Mental Health  Click Here to Listen

We're talking all about how running, walking, and even just moving supports & contributes to our mental health. What is the "icing" and what is "the cake"? How are healthy (and unhealthy) patterns developed and what does it mean to look at our process more than our goals? What does mental toughness mean and how do you endure hard things on the run (or in life)?

Coming to Eau Claire from Europe  Click Here to Listen 

Aude B is adventurous as she is happy. A constant smile at every group run in the area Aude isn't afraid to make Eau Claire her home since the 2020 lockdowns coming from Europe!

All About Shoes   Click Here to Listen

We're talking all things shoes!!! It goes without saying, Blue Ox Running sells (and helps!) with shoes. It can be so overwhelming with how the industry and models have changed over the years. They're here to help be a guide for your particular fit and use of active shoes ... running, walking, standing, hiking, all of the above.

Winter Running   Click Here to Listen

How do you structure training in the off season? What's actually helpful about #WinterRunning? Embracing the slower / colder #running (and cross training!) and wrapping up with a discussion about tracking all of our data - spreadsheets, Strava, Garmin, notebooks - what's helpful and what's not?

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