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Helping Business Right Here in the Chippewa Valley


Promotional Consulting.  Sure, we can help create the idea but more importantly, we know HOW YOU CAN ACTIVATE those great ideas you may also have.  Its the ACTIVATION that separates one team's successful promotion from another that falls flat


Sales Help:  You have an eager staff that makes calls and the clients you have enjoy the value.  So why aren't more signing up?  How do we get that $2k a year client to become the $10k a year client?   That is where we come in


Attention in the Community:  How do we generate "free publicity"?  Scott has those tricks to get your team out in the public and foster connections that have an IMPACT in your branding (while also still giving back to your community)

We don't work with businesses in Minnesota...Madison...Chicago...New York.  We ONLY WANT TO WORK WITH THOSE IN OUR COMMUNITY!



Why Use Us

Instead of having your staff struggle with the “whys” and look back…have them focus on pushing

forward and leave the “analysis” to me. I’m not here to outsmart you or your staff but to maximize what it is you have.  I want to be part of your team, not come in and insult (even passive aggressively) the people you trust.

Unlike some consultants (and we’ve all come across them in our careers), I’m not about strutting into your operation and shoving ideas in front of you and telling everyone where they’ve been wrong.

 I can help provide that path towards accomplishing what it is you are looking to achieve.  Perhaps you’ve seen an idea elsewhere and what to implement it here.  Maybe there is something within your organization that isn’t working right, despite the best efforts, that I can immediately provide assistance on.

I’ve “been there and done that”.  Yeah, that includes my fair share of mistakes too and many times I can go back to those failures as providing the pitfalls that your team must avoid as well.


What I Do

It all starts with that all important needs-analysis conversation with members of the team.  We’ll discuss what it is you’d like to accomplish, what you’ve faced and key areas you feel I should know.  From there, I’ll build a 12-month plan (that we’ll work together on amending and pivoting on throughout the year) to help not only accomplish what it is you’re looking to do but also revise as needed at the end of the season.

That’s right, I’m with you for a full-year so I’m not going anywhere…and thus can’t hide!  I need to see this through.

Areas we can focus on…

  • Sales Staff 

  • Branding and Website

  • Merchandise

  • Promotions & Public Relations

  • Staff Morale/Talent Recruitment/Retainment

  • Maximizing interns (developing a lesson plan and working with local schools on getting the best!)



It again starts with that needs-analysis and the 12-month plan that I’ll present to you.  From there, we establish regular communication.  Video conferences, phone calls, e-mails and yes…even the potential for in-person visits as necessary.

I’m on call with you 24/7!

As the year goes on, what you need may change.  There may be shifts for any number of reasons so the 12-month plan is always being adjusted and many times for good reasons!  One area may be solved which frees up time to focus on another!



We can start right now! 

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