Quick Thoughts on Two Area Scandals  (2/21/20)

There are those times when best intentions change.  The end of the work day comes and you

had plans to run errands but the buddies invite you out for some drinks and before too long

its late into the evening and everyone is fumbling with their phones arranging for Ubers. 

Or a long awaited personal day arrives but instead of a quiet day at home one of the

children stays home from school due to illness.


And this week, I had plans to skip the blog for a combination of factors including a

need to focus on sports broadcasts and also to build a bank of passionate topics.

However, in light of a couple incidents this week I felt compelled to write.  Not

necessarily on the issues themselves but people’s reactions to them.


  1. Dan Peggs

The Altoona School Superintendent news this week brought everything on Thursday

to a surprising halt as if it were Clairemont Ave during the height of a snow storm. 

To have any school administrator charged with the crimes has been is sickening, sad and

infuriating all rolled into one.  Due process will play out but even if he is innocent it’ll be hard for

him to separate from the accusations and the likely truth that he had to have done at least something inappropriate even if not found guilty of a crime.


The thing is though, scrolling through social media the public completely left out what needs to be the main focus.  Not on spitting into the wind at how bad this is and how evil Dan may be, but the effect on the students.  Here is an adult who was entrusted to lead them and serve as an example.  Someone who has been around them for years.


Dan wasn’t some outward villain like “The Joker” he seemed “normal”.


This is tough for adults to comprehend let along kids but it’s the responsibility of us older people to explain to the young ones what this is all about.  The last thing we want is for kids to lose their trust in others as there is never an acceptable time to blindly become untrusting of society.  Those who take the easy way out and simply don’t trust, tend to live sad lives.


  1. UWEC Investigation

The investigation into the UW-Eau Claire Vice Chancellor is ongoing but it provides a great example of this commonly forgotten trait many otherwise mature adults eschew.  Let investigations happen and then decide.  I know its hard and we all want immediacy but you’ll live a longer life void of stress if you simply let things play out.


Not everything is a conspiracy and since 99% of life is made of “grey” situations, let everything settle out before invoking an opinion.


Unlike the Dan Peggs case, in this one the investigation isn’t done with.












The Perfect Chippewa Valley Date Night (2/14/20) 

There are many important responsibilities I volunteered to take on when a

person of my intellectual clout and physically-attractive appearance decided to

arrive in this area.  Namely, I am the voice of rationale never to be questioned

and followed.  An educator, a prophet and mmotivator and an entertainer...


Excuse me while I rub my sore shoulder from all this back patting...

Here is another one.  As a person who has been happilly and successfully married for nearly 11 years the ring on my left hand is a testament that I am an expert in the "Dating Arts".  I view the marriage ring no different than my various sports championship rings I have...that I won!  


So in honor of Valentine's Day here is my fool-proof Chippewa Valley Date Night for those out there looking to re-kindle the snuggles and for those relationships still in the incubator.

Time of the Day:  First off, don't get cute .  Unless both parties have non-traditional work schedules keep dates to the evening time.  A "day date" may have an informality too it but that is just it. While awkward, embrace the awakwardness of the evening and the nerves that come with it.  Yes, there are things to do during the day (Zoos, ballgames, festivals) but this is intended to be the PERFECT date night.

Dinner: Romance is what you want so stay clear of that $6 frozen burger and fry.  Determine what the two of you want and go for it. Johnny's,  Wissota Chophouse, etc.  Both places you can easily stay under $100.  Stories your friends say of spending $250 there on a date are exaggerated and that is because they bought too much alcohol. 

Take your time at dinner. Talk, converse.  Discussion and listening is a true aphrodisiac.

But Scott, we haven't been on many dates.  This seems too much?  Hey, again go for it.  Embrace the awkwardness.  Dating is a job interview and its never too early to test if this is truly a romance or merely two people who are looking to avoid loneliness.

Activity:  Following dinner you need an activity.  In the winter time that means indoor stuff so look at Action City or a bowling ally or even Axe Throwing as it comes into the area.  Set aside an hour for an activity.  It gets you both moving and provides ample opportunitiy to talk.


Drinks/Dessert:  Always include going for a drink or dessert to close out the date.  When I say drink, I'm not saying a dumpster gin served at a bar but instead find a place with a good bartender and get one of those fancy drinks.  Or, get some ice cream or enjoy a late night pie at Perkins.


After Dessert:  Well, I can't help you here.  Hopefully after all this a kiss on the cheek is in order.

The Growth of ECHR (2/7/2020)

One never knows how something will turn out even with the best planning and the most optimistic

excitement.  A trip to Walt Disney World is likely to be outstanding but to what extent and will

inevitable and unpredictable errors alter the course beyond reconfiguration. 


Anyone who has started a new business or organization knows this firsthand, so it’s with great

excitement I once again use this space to update everyone on the progress of the podcast

and website.  To those new (and there are many of you) I do this every couple months.


As many local media outlets downsize or pare down their local focus, we entered the

market at the perfect time.  Growth has been exceptional though that doesn’t mean we

haven’t had our misses which I’ll address below.  We’re becoming more and more a spot

people rely on to fine tune their own opinion on things.  Yes, I want people to agree with

me but ultimately the objective is for people to develop depth, perspective and truly

understand their own feelings on things.


I’m extremely proud of the advertisers and the guests who’ve excitedly come on with us

over the last several months.  These people value you.


January was easily our best month across the board continuing an upward trend.


  • We set a new record for unique web visits (50% higher than previous record)

  • Our video views, and the length people watch the videos averaged 50% higher than previous highs

  • Our podcast downloads were up 30% over the previous high

  • Plus, our social media presence exploded, and that momentum has continued into February.


All this said there are still things we wish to work on.  Developing more live listeners and cultivating more content for the website remain critical.  We also wish to grow our marketing though that has proven more challenging then one would think. 


We look forward to also adding some additional voices to ECHR that I know you’ll be excited about.

West Wisconsin Play by Play, LLC

2010 Hatch Street

Eau Claire, WI  54701