Becca and Dustyn introduce us to the organizations, businesses and community events happening in and around downtown Menomonie.  Listen in as they talk with a variety of people, each of which has a story to share.

New episodes drop the 1st and 3rd Friday every month


New Board Game  Click Here to Listen 

This week on Downtown Menom, Dustyn and Becca are back with their guest Dave Beck, Director of the School of Art and Design at the University of Stout, Owner and Designer of Game Design Company. The gang is talking about the newest and exciting upcoming project that Dave has been working on, Distilled, along with his journey through game design.

Wade Lambrigtsen  Click Here to Listen

Dustyn and Becca are talking with returning guest and Graphic Designer and Owner of the Vintage Design Shop, Wade Lambrigsten. They are diving into the Vintage Baseball League with Wade and Dustyn. Along with talking about his latest projects and highlights from his history in design.

Brian Maki w/ Volume One  Click Here to Listen

Dustyn and Becca are talking with the Media Strategy Director of Volume One, Brian Maki. Highlighting the Best of Menomonie Pull Out Guide, which tells where the best places to go are in Menomonie. Along with getting to know Brian a little more as well!


What is Downtown Menomonie

This podcast series will introduce us to the people and places that make Menomonie a wonderful community.  On the debut episode, we meet Dustyn and Becca from Downtown Menomonie INC. to set the stage for the podcast.  

Among many topics covered we learn about Becca's love of crystals...Dustyn's involvement with vintage baseball...and what fast foot chicken franchise residents ask for in Menomonie the most


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