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Downtown Menom: The Podcast

The podcast that talks with and promotes the wonderful businesses and organizations that make Menomonie, WI a great place to live, work and visit. 

New episodes drop every other Wednesday morning


The Organization  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Becca and Dustyn talk with Jeff and Pat, the current and past president of Downtown Menomonie, INC, and do a deep dive into what the organization’s purpose is. From memories and thoughts of the Winter Days parade to other events meant to showcase downtown.



Tim & Meghan from Xcel Energy and the City of Menomonie respectively are the guests.


They discuss energy-saving programs available to residents. The Partners in Energy program. What is it? The goals of it and the impact on the city.


Various options exist for residential and commercial customers.


Meghan also talks some “trash” and Tim talks some about electric vehicles and what that means for Xcel Energy and infrastructure in the future.


Talking with the owner of Anshus Jewelers  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Lisa from Anshus Jewelers in Menomonie is the guest:

-The shop is celebrating 106 years in business. Why did her grandfather start the business?

- Being around for so long, there are lots of customer stories

- Lisa’s first memories of the store

- Passing on a family business, and how there isn’t a guarantee her kids will keep it going

- Her favorite part of owning a business

- Change she has seen downtown over the years

- How the business has changed (remember fax machines?)



Talking with Teri from  Chippewa Falls Main Street   CLICK HERE TO LISTEN


Teri Ouimette – Executive Director of Chippewa Falls Main Street, INC is the guest

- The folks in downtown Menomonie meet their equal from neighboring Chippewa Falls.

- Teri discusses the 33rd annual holiday parade coming up December 4th and the theme is Gnomes and Elves

- What exactly does her organization do and handle? The true purpose.

- Getting and adapting ideas from elsewhere

- She discusses the eateries in her area

- Some of the stores that are the must-sees

- How did she end up in her current role?


Meet a Female Entrepreneur 

Marie Rasmussen talks about owning and operating a business in both Menomonie and Eau Claire (Estilo Salon). She tells stories of being in the hair style industry, running a business, finding love and much more.


How she coaches her staff to separate work and life and to “be a badass” at both.


She also describes her next business plan: A “high end barber shop” and she takes us through a concept that includes cigars, liquor and haircuts.



Learn about the Mable Tainter Theatre 

Interim Executive Director Lucas Chase visits to discuss the upcoming schedule, including why he is excited for one band in particular that plays classic rock using bagpipes. 

Lucas, Dustyn and Becca also go over some of the ghost stories inside the theatre and Lucas's own experiences. 

Some fun, random facts people overlook and we also get the TRUE story behind the legend of the tunnels that are supposed to be underneath Menomonie.



What is Downtown Menomonie

This podcast series will introduce us to the people and places that make Menomonie a wonderful community.  On the debut episode, we meet Dustyn and Becca from Downtown Menomonie INC. to set the stage for the podcast.  

Among many topics covered we learn about Becca's love of crystals...Dustyn's involvement with vintage baseball...and what fast foot chicken franchise residents ask for in Menomonie the most