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Becca and Dustyn introduce us to the organizations, businesses and community events happening in and around Menomonie.  Listen in as they talk with a variety of people, each of which has a story to share.

New episodes drop the 1st and 3rd Friday every month


 Tim Nelson a local realtor  Click Here to Listen

Talking family, life the community and the realty with a local realtor. Tim Nelson came to Stout, entered the Army after graduation and then purchased his first rental property which leads us to the present.


Treasurer's Office & Menomonie Theatre Guild   Click Here to Listen

Sifia Jevne the Dunn County Treasurer and with Menomonie Theatre Guild is the guest.

Yes, we’re talking taxes but trust us the conversation is much more engaging then it sounds. What does the treasurer’s office do and the process?


What is the common misconception? Well, you probably don’t understand who/what is actually raising your taxes!


The conversation also goes in-depth on the Menomonie Theatre Guild, a very active performing group in Dunn County


A brewer and a chef walk into a podcast... Click Here to Listen

Ryan Verdun -Brewery Nonic

Stacy Lange – Chef & Entrepreneur

Dustyn throws shade at Lambeau Field and the Packers, before the Menom podcast gang bring on Ryan and Stacy stop by for a fun conversation. Ryan is a jack of all at Brewery Nonic while Stacy has been a well known slinger of food stuffs in the community for years.

How should Brewery “NONIC” be properly pronounced? Are you saying it right?

They detail how the two work together and under the circumstances the partnership started.

Pie and Furniture Restoration  Click Here to Listen

Becca and Dustyn discuss holiday decorations before moving on to talk with Kayla Blue, the owner of Patina Vintage Company in Menomonie.  She opened in downtown in January after taking advantage of the bounce back program that came about due to Covid.

Her store started with re-freshed furniture and has added other home décor pieces and gifts. It’s a “real-life pinterest board”. She has a passion for refurbishing items and details some of her favorite projects.


BTW: Go to her store and ask her about PIE! 

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