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Downtown Menom: The Podcast

The podcast that talks with and promotes the wonderful businesses and organizations that make Menomonie, WI a great place to live, work and visit. 

New episodes drop every other Friday morning


Menomonie Farmer's Market  Click Here to Listen 

Veronika Zazovsky – West CAP Menominie Farmer’s Market Manager

The Farmer’s Market is returning for another season in Menomonie and Veronika is here to tell us all about it.


- How did she get started and end up in the role

- Favorite part of working with local farmers

- Discusses some of the new vendors arriving this season

- Their EBT Market Match program

- She tells her story of coming to America after being born in former Soviet Union (and why Menomonie?)

- And we learn how she recently cooked an Octopus


Emilie Menz La Dee Dah Gift Shop  Click Here to Listen  

Emilie is the owner of a business in Menomonie and sits down to talk to give us the inside scoop on running a store in the community. She and her husband purchased the store a few months ago.

- She tells us the story of taking over this downtown cornerstone business

- What is the “haberdashery” the shop includes

- What makes downtown Menomonie great and the growth over the last 4-7 years.

- Her singer-songwriter experience including an event coming up with the Mabel Tainter


Derek Taintor - Maple Essence Farms  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

He talks to us about continuing a five-generation family tradition of producing maple syrup. It’s grown from a family hobby to a full operation with thousands of trees they tap.

We get some insight into the process of making maple syrup. What has changed and what has stayed the same.

He also educates us on what those “grades” on maple syrup containers means.


Lisa Rundle - Menomonie Women's Club  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

She tells us about the women’s club and about a major anniversary celebration they have in April. They are one of the longest running civic clubs in existence in the area. Over the years they’ve raised funds for a variety of projects.

She tells us about their heart-shaped pillow program with local hospitals and breast cancer programs. Also, their hanging basket program that has provided vibrancy and lined the streets of downtown Menomonie for many years.


What is Downtown Menomonie

This podcast series will introduce us to the people and places that make Menomonie a wonderful community.  On the debut episode, we meet Dustyn and Becca from Downtown Menomonie INC. to set the stage for the podcast.  

Among many topics covered we learn about Becca's love of crystals...Dustyn's involvement with vintage baseball...and what fast foot chicken franchise residents ask for in Menomonie the most